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  • Please support a truly great cause! January 16, 2018
    Irene Auma is training instructors inside Kenyan prisons to take over her growing number of yoga classes. Please support her by paying Ksh 1,000/= towards the initiative, and you will get a free t-shirt. Link to donating below.
    Word of Mouth Team
  • Start 2018 with a some hypnotherapy! January 11, 2018
    Happy New Year! Hypnotherapy is one great way to a better you in this new year.
    Word of Mouth Team
  • XmasBox 2017 November 2, 2017
    Word of Mouth Team
  • Art appreciation for kids – 4th November 2017 November 2, 2017
      Parents, guardians and teachers, come expose the next generation to the beauty of art. Art is for all.  The Kenya Museum Society invites young people ages 6 to 12 years to a special event, Art Appreciation (Just) for Kids.  Using the KMS Affordable Art Show as a backdrop, young people will learn about different art […]
    Word of Mouth Team

Word of Mouth News

Let’s SHIFT…..

Posted on January 19th, 2018

 By Tazim Elkington As I sit here pondering what to write, my mind brings up the question again and again on ‘What comprises being Kenyan?’This question has been swimming in pools of many waters. The need for clarity and direction is imperative as we embark on this journey towards a more uplifted Kenya for Kenyans. Let’s carry on the discussion in defining a common platform where we operate from as Kenyans. There are constant, consistent ongoing debates on how individuals ought to do this, that and the other. How and what the politicians, religious leaders, the donor world, civil society, private entrepreneurs, legal firms, grassroots organisations and umpteen groups, need to do it differently. We need to end the old siege of bombarding ourselves with an unending stream of reasons/excuses as to why it must be done one way and not another. The finger pointing blame game has passed its … Continue reading

Goodbye 2017 – Blog by Bikozulu

Posted on January 18th, 2018

 A hysterical blog post by a Kenyan Blogger – Goodbye 2017 Posted on 19.12.2017 Reviews, Travel, Uncategorized, Writing  486 165 I didn’t post anything last week because I was thinking. I was seated at my desk at home, leaning all the way back in my chair and staring out the window dreamily. I have a massive wall to wall window that overlooks the verandah of the neighbouring apartments. There was a bird standing in the opposite balcony. She had just done her nails. She was leaning on the balcony, balls of cotton wool stuck between her toes, rifling through her phone. I could hear her nails dry. She couldn’t see me through my sheers, but I could see her which technically made me a peeping Jack. She had on her house clothes; tired-looking track bottoms and a well worn t-shirt. She had a physicality about her that seemed to magnify in the sun. My mind drifted. … Continue reading

A heart warming story of overcoming adversity in Kenya

Posted on January 17th, 2018

Wanja and Hinga eat lunch together. Hinga

I met a homeless addict and recognised my childhood friend By Megha Mohan BBC Stories Image copyrightWANJA MWAURA A chance meeting between two childhood friends helped one begin a journey back from drug addiction after many years living on the street. It was early October and Wanja Mwaura, 32, was on her way to the market in Lower Kabaete, not far from Nairobi, when she heard someone shout out her name. She looked up and was surprised to see a tall man with bulging eyes, an emaciated frame, dirtied black overalls and an equally stained thick woollen hat, sitting on the side of the road. She did not recognise him. But when Patrick “Hinga” Wanjiru, 34, introduced himself, Wanja says she found herself in shock. Standing before her was a friend she had known since she was seven years old. “Patrick, or Hinga as we called him, and I had … Continue reading