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  • Hillcrest Prep Open Day October 30, 2019
    Word of Mouth Team
  • Education & Schools Fair March 29, 2019
    Taking place at the Norfolk Hotel on Saturday 29th April. Parents and teachers – come meet representatives from various UK and Kenyan boarding schools. Your children’s education is of paramount importance; this is a great way to make some serious life decisions!
    Word of Mouth Team
  • Open Qorner by Tazim Elkington March 25, 2019
    Word of Mouth Team
  • Hillcrest Open Day February 20, 2019
    Word of Mouth Team

Word of Mouth News

TCB’s Miscellaneous Ramblings – February to March 2019

Posted on February 20th, 2019

Picking myself up off the floor. Kenya Airways wants to take-over Nairobi’s Jomo Kenyatta International Airport – and it’s not even 1st April. How can a cash-strapped, consistently loss making airline who can’t possibly know the first thing about operating an airport have ever dreamt this up? Both are government owned* (see para. 8), and perhaps this is where this dream emanated. We are told that the synergy between the pair will result in both entities returning to profit. Now, who could possibly believe that? Let’s call a spade a spade – Kenya Airways has lost money for more years than I care to remember, and let me make the point that these are all substantial losses. In the last reported period, the first six-months of 2018 it showed a loss of 4 billion shillings compared to a loss of 5.6 billion for all of  2018. With pundits predicting a … Continue reading

THE PLIGHT OF THE NIGHT WATCHMAN – by an anonymous “Askari”

Posted on February 20th, 2019

Whenever the word “watchman” is mentioned, the obvious image that automatically registers in people’s minds is a miserable looking individual in uniform… a meager salary… opening and closing of a gate, in that order. Many could easily argue that a watchman gets paid for practically doing nothing. That’s definitely not the case. A watchman sweats for a salary just like any other hard working employee. The following is a simple summary of a night watchman’s escapades: To most people in this society, night watchmen are losers – failures in life to be precise. This fact is best portrayed when it comes to matters of love. No young woman craves to commit to dear life to a supposedly penniless individual She also has to endure long cold nights alone. Its no secret that security is an extremely risky job which poses the risk of such a young woman becoming a widow … Continue reading

TCB’s Miscellaneous Ramblings – October to November

Posted on November 5th, 2018

The Kenya safari circuit sold-out in October, now there is a happy piece of news, and long may it last. Kenya’s safari product has long been considered expensive when compared to its other competitors on the continent. The quality and diversity of a Kenyan safari experience, however is far superior to anything else anywhere in Africa. You will agree? But, there comes a time when cost over experience has to stand up to scrutiny. The recent imposition of value added tax on fuel, a ‘Robin Hood’ tax on bank transactions, a levy to support low-cost housing and the general tightening of our tax regime here in Kenya is going to have a massively negative impact on our value proposition. Not just for tourism but the entire economy. I can hardly see tourism suppliers not passing these costs of doing business onto their clients. But is there a Plan-B? Perhaps taking … Continue reading