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  • OUT TO PLAY AT GARDEN CITY August 16, 2017
    Word of Mouth Team
  • Fiesta at the Nairobi Art Centre July 24, 2017
    Word of Mouth Team
  • Kenya gem and jewellery trade fair July 24, 2017
    This is the first ever Gem and Jewellery Trade Fair to be held in Kenya. Come and learn more about the vast gemstone types that Kenya has to offer, as well as to view and possibly purchase some of the gems and finished jewellery pieces from our exhibitors. Hotel InterContinental  CBD Expositions , Festivals & Craft Fairs […]
    Word of Mouth Team
  • Musical Masai Market July 20, 2017
    Word of Mouth Team

Word of Mouth News

Escaping The Norm – By Tazim Elkington

Posted on August 16th, 2017

It is comforting when one looks back at life and feels they escaped from situations that could have been daunting, dangerous or disruptive. It is far from comforting when one thinks of lost opportunities, relationships gone awry, so-called bad choices or miscarried ventures. How we view our experiences is based on the courage and resilience we have built along the way. It is easier to blame others or the circumstances to escape from accepting life as it is. Many believe that money creates a hassle-free life. Others believe religion is the saving grace. Some believe that life happens and they have no choice and others believe we are in complete control of our destinies. Then there are those wise ones who know that unless one takes responsibility for every experience, emotion, thought, action and outcome there can be no freedom in this life. Escapism is the theme of the 21st … Continue reading

Miscellaneous Ramblings by Tony Clegg-Butt – August/September 2017

Posted on August 13th, 2017

 I was going to start this editions rumble with tales of my travels to Europe over their summer months, but more about that later. Jomo Kenyatta International Airport – Kenya’s window to the world has done it again. It’s hard to believe but here goes. Parking for their customers has always been at a premium, with ALL car parks being continually full, so much so that the great and the good usually travel by taxi to and from the airport. The multi-storey car park opposite the new international arrivals terminal 1E, never opened as planned, as it became itself the international arrivals terminal after the fire that destroyed the original international arrivals building. I hope I haven’t lost you. Now that terminal 1E is up and running I noticed that work had started to convert it back to what it was originally intended to be. I was told it was … Continue reading

Jean Gilchrist – The Story of a Legend

Posted on July 27th, 2017

Posters at the KSPCA

Jean Gilchrist: “We’re still just scratching the surface.” BY CORINNE BENEDICT AND JO-ANNE MCARTHUR– A life spent dedicated to animals yields a lot of lessons. The first that comes to mind for Jean Gilchrist is that you have to take the bad with the good. Among the bad: The horrific slaughter methods that she has been documenting in Kenya for decades in an effort to change them. Studying a recent photo of roped camels about to be killed, she notes, “Some of them are crying.” Next: The public’s indifference. “In a developing country where there are an awful lot of human problems, people are apt to think that animals and their welfare aren’t important.” And then there is her organization’s bank account balance – a drop in a sea of need. “It’s very hand to mouth, this place,” Gilchrist says of the Kenya Society for the Protection and Care of Animals in Nairobi, where … Continue reading