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  • Wine World Tour September 22, 2017
    It’s that time once again! The Wine World Tour 4th Edition is here. After the great success of the first three editions, we will be hosting the Wine World Tour at Purdy Arms, 61 Marula Lane once again. It will be on 8 October 2017. Come and enjoy taste of wines from different parts of […]
    Word of Mouth Team
  • Fashion & Lifestyle 2017 at Michael Joseph Centre August 30, 2017
    Nature and Style Fun Day Events presents the second edition of Fashion and Lifestyle 2017. This is the fifth fashion event. We have some of Kenya’s best and upcoming designers showcase on the runway. This event is all about fashion, lifestyle, networking, mad fun, shopping, expanding your brand and much more! Extra activities include – Bloggers […]
    Word of Mouth Team
  • OUT TO PLAY AT GARDEN CITY August 16, 2017
    Word of Mouth Team
  • Fiesta at the Nairobi Art Centre July 24, 2017
    Word of Mouth Team

Word of Mouth News

Miscellaneous Ramblings by Tony Clegg-Butt October – November

Posted on October 11th, 2017

  YES! The powers that be at Jomo Kenyatta International Airport have totally re-organised their parking regime with effect from 1st September. It all (well almost all) makes sense. You’ll re-call my whinge about the brand new multi-storey car park at the airport in the last edition, which was reserved for staff only. Well that’s changed. I hope in some small way that my whinge might have made a difference. There I go blowing my own trumpet, now where did that turn of phrase come from? The term in its present form is 19th century. Anthony Trollope, in his work Australia and New Zealand, 1873 observed: “In the colonies… when a gentleman sounds his own trumpet he ‘blows.’” That is clearly commenting on what must already have been a well-known phrase, although there aren’t known printed citations to support that from before 1873. The use of ‘blows’ is interesting too, as … Continue reading

Why MEN should do Pilates as well! – By Your Trainer Karina

Posted on October 5th, 2017

Why MEN should do Pilates as well! What is it with men? Every time I talk to one about Pilates I get that funny smile, like I am not quite taken seriously….. and then the comment: “oh, that is that special training for women” or even better “for pregnant women”. Guys – Pilates is for men too!!! In fact, it was created by a man – Joseph Pilates! Over the years quite a few men have found their way into my studio, either for mat classes or to work with me one on one on the Pilates machines, and were always very surprised at how hard it can be. Most of them left the studio drenched in sweat! So what is Pilates? Pilates is a full body workout that focuses on the Core. (And to kill another myth while I am at it: your core-strength has nothing to do with … Continue reading

School’s back in – by Africa Expat Wives Club

Posted on September 19th, 2017

School’s back in. Spare a thought for the newbie mums… New mum Nicola has 1,000 questions but most important is that the kids are settled. It’s a sunny, clear morning as Nicola and her daughter cross the spacious school campus to reach the classroom. “Bye Mummy,” Emma says, giving her mum a squeeze, “perhaps you’ll find some friends today too?” Emma’s form tutor steps out of the classroom, gestures for Emma to come inside and gives Nicola an indulgent grin. “New mums tea this morning is it?” Nicola blushes as Emma skips happily into her brand new classroom, immediately joining a chatter of happy children who are gathered around an interactive history display. “It’s in the main hall. Don’t miss the samosas by the way!” The teacher says kindly. Nicola takes a breath as the school bell rings. The family’s arrival in Nairobi from the UK during the summer holidays presented a fairly steep … Continue reading