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TCB’s Miscellaneous Ramblings February/March 2018

Posted on February 13th, 2018

 Where to start? You might re-call in my last column that I just couldn’t help myself, and for the first time ever dipped my big toe into the political morass that is currently enveloping Kenya. Most thankfully agreed and found it a tad hilarious, which was the intention. However there was one reader who got really really upset, and literally blew a fuse. He didn’t so much take aim at yours truly, at least I don’t think he did, but more from the perspective that our political system had deprived his candidate of the Presidency. I think I’ll keep the big toe firmly in its intended place of residence in future. We drove to the coast on Boxing Day, drive-time from our home in Tigoni to our favourite all-time coastal destination Watamu in just 6.5 hours. No traffic, the tribe asleep most of the way – the pedal to the … Continue reading

For the expats out there – please read this before you think about acquiring a pet while in Kenya.

Posted on February 13th, 2018

TNR Expats & Pets SM

The Truth and Lies of Lie Detecting – by Len Nieuwoudt

Posted on January 22nd, 2018

A popular lie about lie detection is that it is able to detect lies. In fact, lie detectors, or polygraph machines can’t detect lies, but actually measure nervous excitement. Why do we say a polygraph can’t detect when someone is lying? Because that would suggest that every person is the same, and there is one magic ingredient engrained in all of us which, when triggered, acts as a dead giveaway. It’s simply not the case. A polygraph machine operates on the premise that if a person is telling the truth, he or she will remain calm. We always hear about polygraph tests all the time in court cases, police investigations and even when someone applies for a job. The goal of lie detection is to test whether a person is telling the truth or not when answering specific questions. When someone sits down for a polygraph test, three to six … Continue reading