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TCB’s Miscellaneous Ramblings April-May 2018

Posted on April 24th, 2018

I’ve just heard the news that British Airways is closing its office and laying-off its entire staff here in Nairobi on 30th June. Its customers in the region have long had to rely solely on or alternatively a call centre in a far flung land. You’ll recall them closing their offices to their customers here last year, so I suppose this is not really a surprise. For travel agents that supported BA over many years, they too will now have to brave call centres somewhere to the east of us. Person to person relationships developed over many years between agent and airline are no more. You might not know it but BA have some brilliant long serving staff here in Nairobi – as you’d image they were shattered by this news. One of the advantages of using a travel agent was that they could always speak to the airlines, … Continue reading

7 things I wish I’d known before moving to Nairobi

Posted on April 24th, 2018


I moved to Nairobi a while ago and here are some of things I wish I’d known before moving here. Nairobi is surprisingly expensive Call me naive but when I moved to Kenya, I thought it would be really cheap as Africa is insensitively labelled ‘poor’ and ‘developing’ in Western news. Therefore I thought items that I’m used to back in the UK would be around the same or lower in Kenya. That is not the case, and western items and groceries tend to be very high. For example I bought salted butter the other day in a large well stocked supermarket for 750kes ($7.50)…7 dollars and 50 cents, for butter? I could buy 7 blocks of that back home. And whilst that may be true, it’s all about restructuring your grocery buying to fit the different costs. Other items you’ll find expensive are dairy products, seeds and healthy food … Continue reading

Wine and Spice and all things Nice

Posted on April 10th, 2018

For a wine lover such as myself, it is always a pleasant surprise to find a classy, trendy, well equipped yet reasonably priced wine shop in Nairobi. And its not just wine! From good quality and exotic spices to paella kits to gin and whisky to artisan olive oils, from detox tea to “youth” tea, from entry level wines to Cavas to premium wines, and since I never grow up, my favourites – gin fusion teabags, gin botanicals and cocktail making gift sets… Makkin Gourmet shop has it all! It’s a lovely place to browse; I felt like I was in a European or South African shop, and the temptation to buy, well frankly most of it – is huge!                             After browsing for a bit, I met with the brains behind the concept – James and … Continue reading