A little slice of paradise, only 1.5 hours from Nairobi – the perfect weekend break!

Posted on February 7th, 2013
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donkey cart“Nestled in an ancient forest with sweeping views over the Great Rift Valley, Malu is a stunning getaway and the perfect base for exploring the Rift Valley and many national parks …a magical encounter with Africa – just 90 minutes from Nairobi.”    That’s what the website says.. However, what you really get is an invitation to roam what feels like a rather large private estate that has looked after every tree, bird and animal that ever lived and roamed on it! Malu makes you feel like you have been lucky enough to be invited to stay at someone’s home rather than a small lodge.

From Nairobi, Malu takes approximately an hour and a half to get to, driving up and over the gorgeous rift valley escarpment, down to Naivasha, and about 20 minutes up a dirt road track.  The journey can be made in both a saloon and 4×4 car, but in the rainy season, I would recommend a 4×4!

Upon arrival, we were greeted with a tray of delicious chilled fresh passion juice, making us all feel much grander than we really are!  Our mission that day was to explore the spring-fed plunge pool and have a donkey ride!  Without a doubt, the highlights of the day (probably month I’d say!).    To set the scene for you, we were taken down to the plunge pool on the resident donkey and cart, which was you can imagine, hugely amused the children! We slowly meandered through the stunning scenery, sheltered by large trees with the san dappling through.  Knowing that Malu shares its land with buffalos, zebras and leopard, we all wondered whether we might be lucky to see them on our journey.. however, I decided that on this occasion, I was quite pleased not to have bumped into one and might reserve my exciitement for these large beasts on perhaps a night game drive instead, as opposed to being sat on a rather slow donkey and cart!

This journey took all of 15 to 20 minutes, and we were then dropped off, with our guide who took us walking up the river and into what felt like the a little piece of paradise!   We came to the plunge pool (although I would describe the size more as a small swimming pool!) where they have captured the hot spring water which flows into the pool at a constant temperature of around 25C!  In no time at all, the children were in splashing around!   We managed to spend a good couple of hours entertaining ourselves at the plunge pool!

plunge pool at malu

The plunge pool

All around us were lovely big trees, the sounds of happy bird life and a river flowing under our legs – truly magical!  There are picnic tables there as well.

Lunch is a very intimate affair, taken back at the main house in a pretty little thatched cottage.  The food is always super fresh with a very international flair. Their style is lots of little dishes, with menus created the day before, sampling some of the best of Chef’s dishes. Homemade pasta is one of their specialties, using vegetables and herbs from the garden.

dining at malu

The dining room

If you haven’t the luxury of being able to peel off for an afternoon nap after lunch, there are plenty of activities for the children; from meeting and feeding the farm animals, milking the cows, bird watching, lovely guided walks and horse riding. Evening games drives can be organized too.

Accommodation comes in various forms – from family villas and romantic cottages which offer a sitting room and two en-suite double bedrooms are situated at the main lodge area in the centre of the Malu reserve, with views over Lake Naivasha and the Rift Valley. Meals are all taken at the restaurant.

For the adventurous I would recommend the timber Tree House which has a large living / dining / kitchen area and two en-suite double bedrooms (plus children’s room annexe). It is situated at the Malewa river, 5 minutes drive from the main lodge, offering unique privacy and stunning views over the Malewa and surrounding riverine forest.

Or there are two Mahindu Cottages, each have a large en-suite double room and are situated within the stunning grounds of Mahindu Farmhouse, beside the Mahindu stream 5 min drive from the main lodge. Both the tree house and Mahindu Cottages can be taken on self-catering basis if you wish.

I can’t recommend Malu enough to all ages!  We truly felt we had been away for the weekend, and had escaped city life properly!

To read more about Malu, click here for their website.

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