Africa’s Turn to Shine!

Posted on May 7th, 2012
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Have you watched the Coca-Cola advert on Africa! Awesome,isn’t it?

Only Michael Jackson could make me cry with his lyrics,but now I have added another person to my list…..Steve Kekana. Granted I do not like soda but why lie, Coca Cola hit a home run with this one in Africa. If you think about it,things are looking up for Africa right now and here are a few of them.

1. Diversity – Africa leads in diversity culturally,from all the expatriates who make their way to Africa for assignments and fall in love with the continent,immigrants who can trace their lineage back through the centuries from all corners of the world,we are truly a rainbow continent.From as far as Cape Blanc in Tunisia to Cape Agulhas in South Africa,our continents has the most diverse and mixed cultures than all the other 4 continents. We have become the melting pot of cultures,lifestyles and cuisines.

2.Youthful population –  Africa’s growing youth population is growing and in most if not all countries makes up for more than 50% of the population. Smart,hardworking and innovative,they are driving change on the continent.Whether it is in terms of trends,software development or just product innovation,the world is sitting up and noticing Africa as the hottest market. Why else do you think all these multi nationals are trooping to woo African Presidents,the continent is where the money is.

3.African Fashion – Louis Vuitton was inspired by Africa in his latest mens wear collection,read more about it here.What better statement of the color and diversity Africa has than to see African inspired fashion on the world fashion stage. Many of Africas fashion designers like Kenya’s Kaveke, Ozwald Boateng, Lady Arise from Nigeria and many others are bringing African style,elegance and beauty onto the world stage Africa is any designers dream,we have so much color and vibrancy in our fabrics ,our designs that it will take several generations before designers ever exhausted them.

4.Economy – As the Coca Cola ad says,when the rest of the world is being bailed out,African banks are raking in mega profits from Africa’s growing economies. Think of all the international banks with offices in Africa,do you know mega bucks find their way from the continent to Europe courtesy of our vibrant economies?

5.Innovation – Africa gave the world a taste of what mobile money transfer can do with the launch of Kenya’s Mpesa that is now 5 years old. Other countries have made this mobile money transfer system a case study to see how they can come up with their own system. What will Africa gift the world with next? 6.In the diaspora Africans in the diaspora are fuelling their countries economies with the money they are sending back home.These hard working brothers, sisters, husbands wives, sons and daughters know that one never forgets their mother land. They have not forgotten “home”. Who is to say or even predict what Africa will gift the world with next….? Let Africans be proud of what they have achieved so far and demand better governance from their leaders,we are headed for the stars!!!!!!!

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