Airport Security Enhancements

Posted on January 31st, 2014
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Airport Security Enhancements


29th January, 2014




A Security Notice has been published by the management of the Kenya Airports Authority (KAA) across all media outlets.

It reads “Due to security enhancements at all the airports, passengers are advised to arrive for their flights at least one hour before the normal reporting time to cater for the heightened vehicle security checks during entry to the airport.”

As of the time of reporting, all roads, but particularly the Airport North Road to JKIA is witnessing significant congestion, with reports of many passengers missing flight.


The new enhanced security measures at all Airports and Government buildings in the country are part of a raft of security upgrades being undertaken following a spate of recent incidents.

Firstly, the failed IED attempt at JIKA 16 January, the arrest of 3 suspected AOG operatives by the ATPU driving on Limuru Road 21 January – which unconfirmed reporting suggests were targeting Village Market – though it should be noted the perpetrators were interdicted near the Turkish Embassy, a target of HSM in Mogadishu July 2013.  A deployment of members of the GSU Recce squad to the Village Market on 22 January, reasons unknown at this point, and finally an exposé of lax security procedures at the national airport, aired on local media on 26 January.

All of which combined with a recent intelligence brief issued by the National Intelligence Service indicating a potential uptick in AOG activity, has led the Head of the Civil Service to issue a directive to all Principal Secretaries and the general public asking them to be vigilant. Though it is of note the letter and subsequent media interviews have failed to give any substantive detail on targeting, Modus Operandi and veracity of the threat information.

AOGs will always aspire to stage statement attacks so as to highlight their continued relevance, legitimacy and political aims, and are typically at the outer edge of known AOG parameters, as is evidence by Westgate and the US Embassy bombing in 1998.

It is therefore assessed given the heightened security posture currently in place an event of this nature, in the short term at least, is less likely. Though further AOG incidents situated within normal parameters in known areas of high activity – NEP / Nairobi / Coast – can be expected.


NGO staff members using all national and international airports in Kenya, are advised to allow significant extra time to clear through the enhanced security procedures now in place. Typically, 3 hours at JKIA and at least 1 hour at other facilities.

Additionally, as far as is possible, NGO staff should look to reduce their exposure to high profile venues such as – high end malls / airports / hotels / churches / GoK facilities as well as high profile events be they political / sporting or entertainment.

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RSA Assistant – Central, Emmanuely Okongo;[email protected]

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