Beware of Raphael Mulwa – the car buying scammer!

Posted on October 3rd, 2013
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We posted this a year ago, and have just had a call that Raphael has emerged again!  Our caller told us that seeing this a year ago, stopped him getting caught out!

A man called Raphael Mulwa, who claimed to be a 1500m runner contacted her about the car (telephone number 0708 713958) stating that he was sponsored by Carol Elluies Smith of Maxxers Sportwear, Finland. Carol had apparently asked Raphael to find a car that he could use for driving to higher altitude areas in order to train and that she would pay for this car. He called back after a couple of minutes stating that Carol had agreed to buy the car and she needed bank details in order to transfer the money. An ‘unknown’ number then called and claimed to be Carol, speaking in a Finnish accent and asking to confirm the bank details. She then called back 30 minutes later to confirm that the money had been transferred and would take 48 hours to appear in the bank account. Another call was made from Carol later that day asking for monetary assistance for Raphael and she felt comfortable asking an English speaking lady. There was reassurance that the money would be in the bank in 48 hours.

Raphael then proceeded to ask for varying amounts of money starting at 500Ksh up to 20, 000 Ksh! Some small denominations of money were transferred to him, up to 3,500 Ksh in total.

After 48 hours, the money did not appear in the bank account. Carol called and said that the money will appear soon and to please help Raphael with the 20,000 Ksh he needed for transport. This request was refused. The next day, Carol called at 11am to say that she is at Heathrow and will be in Nairobi that evening and she would like to see the car. She then called at 3pm, stating that she had arrived in Nairobi. At this point the scam was revealed, as she could not have arrived in Nairobi at this time when leaving Heathrow at around 11am. The following 21 calls made from the ‘unknown’ number were then rejected and ignored.