Bringing clarity, focus and grace to our lives

Posted on May 3rd, 2011
Categories: News

In psychology, procrastination refers to the act of replacing high-priority actions with tasks of low-priority, and thus putting off important tasks to a later time. With our busy and fulfilling expatriate lives attending to our social matters  and work commitments we are often guilty of procrastination when it comes to thinking about and planning for our lives in the future.

Financial life planning approaches planning our finances from a holistic viewpoint which helps us to clearly recognise our planning needs. The essence of this approach is about bringing “clarity, focus, and grace” to life by simply establishing important and meaningful money goals and what action needs to be taken to achieve those goals.

Within the financial planning context this is about understanding our relationship with money and what it means to us as individuals. This removes some of the pressures of life which can distract us from that clarity and focus, by helping us make the important and lesser financial decisions that will affect our lives. A well drawn out financial life plan ensures we needn’t hide from or be concerned about the future.

This is a further step on from straightforward financial planning in that rather than concentrating on investment returns and the accumulation of money, we are placing emphasis on what is important to us as people and helping us to understand how our money and the financial planning process fit with our own personal goals.

The philosophy of financial life planning is founded on the idea that we all strive to live a life of meaning and purpose. If this sounds all rather blue sky or new age, it is far from it. The approach requires practical forward-thinking applications which relate technical, product, tax and regulatory aspects of financial planning to the philosophy.

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