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This page is designed to give you some guidelines on employing house staff:  employment regulations in Kenya, a sample work contract and some tips when employing.

Interviewing Staff

Interviewing staff

When interviewing domestic staff, try to meet them in a public location like a coffee shop. Ask them to bring their ID, letters of reference and a cv if they have one. It is always worth re-confirming the interview on the day, by SMS rather than by phone. They might even ask you to Mpesa (or reimburse) them for their travel costs.

Trial Period

Trial period

It is advisable to have a trial period of a month before undertaking a member of staff full time. Make it clear that they are on a trail period and how long it will last.

note: keep a copy of their ID on file, their address or contact of a family/friend incase of sickness or failure to get to work.

Staff Contract

Staff Contract

Generic House Staff / Domestic Staff Work Contract:
Example Contract for Domestic Staff final

Employment Regulations

Employment regulations

Employment regulations in Kenya:
Employment Regulations in Kenya

Dos and Don’ts

Some Dos and Don’ts & Salary Guidelines:
Some Dos and Donts final

Job Descriptions

Typical Job Descriptions:
Typical-Job-Descriptions final

Employment Act

employment act

Download the Employment Act 2007: