Posted on June 6th, 2013
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IMG_1592  Dear Friends,

In the light of recent spirited efforts to eliminate both Elephant and Rhino Poaching, we have come together as people from media, music, art, architecture, conservation, tourism and youth groups to form a group dubbed  ‘Elephants4Kenya’

Elephants4Kenya recognizes that Elephants are critical for Kenya… and everyone on this planet loves Kenya. Our name suggests that Saving Elephants is saving Kenya – they represent our future.

One simple idea is that elephants bring tourism which is a lifeline for Kenya’s economy. Through tourism, elephants contribute to job creation: from all the farmers who plant the vegetables that are served in our hotels and lodges, to the Maasai who herd the cattle that feed the tourists; the pump attendants who fuel tour vans, to the airport flight attendants who guide in aircraft, the taxi drivers, tour drivers, tour guides, rangers who protect our wildlife, boda boda’s who bring us to work… we have to give it to them, Kenya needs elephants!

Elephants4Kenya currently comprises 16 confirmed partner organizations: Akili Dada, Elephant Neighbours, ElephantVoices, FoNNaP, Gallman Foundation, Ol Pejeta Conservancy, Rhino Ark, Save the Elephants, Youth for Conservation, WildlifeDirect, WWF, JMarsafaris ltd, Lynne Leakey Specialized Safaris, Maniago Safaris LTD, Story Moja Hay Festival, Elephant Aware.

We are enormously grateful that we have 3 full time volunteers helping – THANK YOU GUYS!

Overall in charge of volunteers are:

Kiki O’Conner- [email protected]

Dee Sangale- [email protected]

Kimberly Chesaina- [email protected]

This team will coordinate efforts to reach corporates, media, and schools. They will also coordinate and organize events.

The team will operate for now from Rajiv’s offices on James Gichuru Rd. near Lavington

Here is what you can do in order of priority…


Support Honorable Chachu Ganya (North Horr) who is submitting a motion to amend the Wildlife Act that will raise penalties to 15 years in jail, and fines to 10 million (currently poachers and dealers have been getting a maximum fine of 40,000Kshs).

We would like all of you to do the following:

Contact your MP and ask him/her to support Hon Chachu: Send tweets, texts, or FB messages to your MP to ask them to support the motion which comes up today or tomorrow.

You can either send these suggested Tweets or find me – Dr. Paula Kahumbu – on twitter and retweet what I’ve sent. Please always use  #Elephants4Kenya #STOPtheSLAUGHTER

Thank u Hon Chachu 4 parliamentary motion to raise penalty 4 poaching 2 15 yrs – #Elephants4Kenya #STOPtheSLAUGHTER Pls RT

KENYA MPs pls 2 support Hon Chachu 4 parliamentary motion – raise penalty 4 poaching 2 15 yrs #Elephants4Kenya #STOPtheSLAUGHTER  RT

Poachers deserve 15 yrs jail Support Chachu parliamentary motion – #Elephants4Kenya #STOPtheSLAUGHTER  Pls RT

Proud to be supporting Hon Chachu’s fight against poachers #Elephants4Kenya #STOPtheSLAUGHTER



He is walking 1000 km and is currently en route to Nyahururu. Send messages ahead of him to your colleagues in every town along the way and get ready for his arrival on June 29th.

Help us to raise funds and to get Jim 2 tents, 3 sleeping bags, 3 sleeping mats, a meko camping stove, Deep Heat, Ice Freeze, 10 Head Lamps, 4 Solar Lanterns, 9 seater minivan with Driver, cash (he is trying to raise 1 million for the walk or Ksh 1,000 per km).

Volunteer to be on a committee to put together the show of the year for Jim’s arrival in Nairobi June 29th. Peter Moll is running a youth campaign that is supporting Jim Nyamu with a campaign called Stand Up Shout Out for Elephants and Rhinos and putting together an elephant touch rugby team for the competition in Diani in June.


Attend first screening of The Battle for the Elephants a Nat Geo documentary at Brookhouse school on Saturday, 25th May at 10 am. Circulate the poster to all your networks, print it and put it up all over town, office, schools etc.

Support the Avaaz petition – WildlifeDirect is creating a petition in collaboration with a team of communications experts and an Avaaz team. The petition calls for President Uhuru Kenyatta to approve higher penalties for poachers/dealers, crackdown on corruption and to create a war chest – funds to fight poaching/trafficking.

We want organizations to co-sponsor it. We are aiming for 1million signatures. You can all help by signing it and helping to circulate it through your networks. We will circulate the petition and how you can participate as partners later this week.

Support Benedict Ogola who is organizing a Music festival in Karura Forest – July 28th He needs volunteers to help with organization of sponsors.

Send ideas to Aleya Kassam who is looking for partners to help with coordinating activities for the Hay Festival in the first week of September


Think of what we could do for World Elephant day 12 August,  Rocktober fest – October, and Kenya’s 50th Anniversary  celebrations (12th December)



Dr. Paula Kahumbu


FoNNaP is a non-profit, volunteer driven organization that aims to support the conservation and protection of the Nairobi National Park and wildlife dispersal area. Help us conserve and celebrate this environment.


MEMBERSHIP RATES: Individual Kshs. 1,000.00 | Family Kshs. 2,000.00 | Corporate Kshs. 10,000.00 | Student Kshs. 500.00 | Per Annum


Send by MPESA to 0723 690 686 or write cheque to Friends of Nairobi National Park and deposit at our offices at KWS Headquarters, Langata Road next to the Smart Card Office at the NNP Main Gate.