Escaping The Norm – By Tazim Elkington

Posted on August 16th, 2017
Categories: News

It is comforting when one looks back at life and feels they escaped from situations that could have been daunting, dangerous or disruptive. It is far from comforting when one thinks of lost opportunities, relationships gone awry, so-called bad choices or miscarried ventures. How we view our experiences is based on the courage and resilience we have built along the way. It is easier to blame others or the circumstances to escape from accepting life as it is.

Many believe that money creates a hassle-free life. Others believe religion is the saving grace. Some believe that life happens and they have no choice and others believe we are in complete control of our destinies. Then there are those wise ones who know that unless one takes responsibility for every experience, emotion, thought, action and outcome there can be no freedom in this life.

Escapism is the theme of the 21st century with many finding comfort in various belief systems and others in addictions. However, a lot of people are beginning to question their existence and reasons for being on this planet.

Escaping from our realties is about dodging the truth about ourselves. More often than not I hear many say ‘I hate being alone’ or ‘I cannot sit down for a moment’ or ‘ I don’t know what it means to STOP’
We have forgotten how to ‘be’ and instead of human ‘beings’ we have become human ‘doings’
This takes away from what we are placed here on earth for. Life is fleeting and we have the opportunity within this small window to really live our lives. Instead the need for distraction is becoming uncannily foreign to our natural state of being and becoming the norm of our existence.

Marketers are the epitome of escapism. They know how to manipulate, convince and divert the minds of the masses. From the latest designs on billboards, a flashy car, monetary promises to losing weight, finding the right partner and the list goes on. One does not need to look far to find a reason or need to escape as we are surrounded by whatever takes our whim.

The problem is society does not accept strong individuals with their own views because they do not follow like sheep. They want sheep that will stay in their flocks, not question authority and therefore be controlled and serve obediently. However, those who question authority and the “order” of things, those retain their dynamic individuality are like the lions who walk alone.

Lions are free from conditioning and move freely conscious of their true identity without having to look for anything outside themselves to find comfort. The truth is everyone is born a lion but conditioned to think like a sheep. Lions don’t need to escape the truth of themselves, they are free within.

Here’s my challenge to you, what can you do to awaken the sleeping lion within? Can you escape the so called norm’s today to a quieter, more centered place inside calling out to you? Can you hear the lion’s roar as it asks you to come home to yourself?