Ever wondered how cheese is made? Visit Brown’s Cheese in Limuru and see so much more!

Posted on April 24th, 2012
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A couple of weeks ago, we had such a heavenly visit to the Brown’s Cheese Factory in Limuru, that I feel compelled to persuade you to try it for yourself!

Firstly, I must briefly tell you a little about the Browns family first; Sue and David Brown established the business in 1979 in Limuru.  Initially, their interest in making their own cheeses came about when not being able to get decent cheese in Kenya; it was either rubbery and local or very expensive and imported!   They now have over 19 different cheeses on the market and the business is now run by their daughter, Delia and her husband Andy.

We arrived at their farm at about 12.30pm, and were greeted with the most gorgeous platter of fried halloumi pieces, which had been marinated in three different herbs, beautifully laid out and demolished at great speed. Once we had all assembled and were suitable stuffed, Delia showed us a very little experiment with milk, yogurt and rennet and shown very simply how curds and whey are made.

We were then all given branded white lab coats to wear, even the kids had little ones and put them on with much excitement. Next came the hairnets, which cause huge hilarity amongst the kids!  We were all lead to the little factory and formed an orderly queue to have our hands washed and sterilized.

We then saw curds and whey in bulk, cutting methods and saw a huge ball of mozzarella being shaped and stored.  Next came the cold stores with the hard cheeses, like Gouda and Cheddar and the steamy room for the camembert and bries.  I won’t spoil it all for you and tell you how they are made and sealed; needless to say you will find it very interesting.

After our little tour, we sat down to the most delicious lunch which started off with a platter of about 9 different cheeses,  including a little introduction from Delia on what we were tasting, these were served with homemade chutneys and breads.  If that wasn’t enough, we then tucked into a sumptuous lunch of homemade dishes using Brown’s cheeses and organic vegetables from their extensive garden.

Whilst the adults enjoyed a glass of wine, homemade ice cream and coffee, the kids were taken off on a tour of the farm.  They stroked Mildred and Bacon, the pigs; they milked the cows (highlight!), they collected eggs from the chicken coup, they saw rabbits and even colobus monkeys.

We all left at about 4pm having had a memorable afternoon, tummies full, children educated and exercised and full of admiration for the family that have built a great brand and successful business.

Prices are: Adult 3,500Kshs and child 500Kshs.  For more info on prices and contacts for the lunches and visits please click here