Fed up of the traffic? Now your grocery shopping can be brought to your door..

Posted on September 17th, 2012
Categories: News

Let’s be honest supermarket shopping has become one of the most time consuming and tedious chores that we have. There’s the drive, the parking, the petrol, and the hassle of wandering aisles trying to find everything on your list (not to mention never finding it all in one shop!). Then you have to stand in line to pay, load up your car, and get back into the endless Nairobi traffic for the drive home.

The FRESH & MORE supermarket shopping service aims at eliminating all the countless hours you spend shopping for your groceries and household supplies, standing in line, and fighting traffic.

Instead, imagine your satisfied feeling, knowing your shopping’s done, your kitchen is stocked, and you’re free to spend your time with your family doing something else.  Our online shop currently offers over 300 different products; fruit, vegetables, Brown’s Cheeses, as well as selected meat, game and poultry.

Click here to visit the website or contact 0708 085950.  Fresh & More are based in Westlands.