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Posted on April 10th, 2018
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Well – I think that the before and after photo says it all!

I heard about Suzie from a friend and decided that my poor, shaggy 13 year old terrier desperately needed some TLC. At the cost of Ksh 4,000/= one of my family members was very sceptical, muttering “but we can just wash her”, under his breath. His tone changed 100% when he saw the result.

I have never seen pet pampering with such a lovely, unassuming approach. “Pepper”, who had never been groomed before, was nervous at first, but settled into being washed, blow dried, clipped, cleaned, cut and touched with care and respect. Suzie really took her time, she was at our house for about 2 hours, going about her work with quiet confidence, and making my pet look and feel amazing. She truly is acting 10 years younger, and being able to see her face properly has reminded us about how pretty she really is!

Susie loved pets from a young age, and slowly drifted into grooming as a profession. Her love shows in the care she takes, making sure that your pet is comfortable and she will stop to take breaks if they are feeling shy or frightened.

I would whole heartedly recommend Suzie’s services for any pet lover who wants to make sure their pet looks and feels their best!


Suzie in action!

  Super happy Pepper with spring in her step!

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