I fell in love with a frog…

Posted on July 21st, 2013
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Cookswell Jikos – and more – a fantastic eco-friendly concept – proudly made in Kenya!

I’d seen Cookswell around, suddenly all over people’s Facebook pages, and liked the look immediately.  Then, while having dinner at one of my favourite restaurants, The Talisman, last weekend, I fell in love with a very handsome and cheeky frog with glass eyes which was keeping us warm on a chilly evening. I asked the waiter where the jiko was from, and got given the number for – you guessed it – Cookswell.

Cookswell Jikos provide their customers with original designs of professional charcoal and wood fueled stoves, convection ovens, improved space heaters, charcoal making kilns and tree seeds. All the products are made by professionally trained artisans in Kenya. Cookswell continually engage in detailed research on the production, management and processing of firewood and charcoal as a renewable energy source for East Africa’s cooking needs.

The perfect safari companion, a Cookswell Jiko Oven is ideal for a beautiful meal prepared anywhere at any time. From a leg of lamb to a delicious quiche, the oven saves you charcoal and time while infusing great flavours.
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Farasi Lane — Lower Kabete — Nairobi — 00606 — Kenya