Important home security tips

Posted on September 8th, 2013
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Ultimate Security have kindly provided us with some useful general hints that might be of help in the protection of you and your home against intruders.

The most important thing to remember is, if it feels odd/not quite right.. trust your gut – it probably isn’t.  You can always call Ultimate or your own security company and report any suspicious activity – this includes reporting anyone loitering outside your property or any strange vehicles in the area – take a note of the registration and occupants!


1.​Get to know your neighbors and their servants.

2.​Obtain personal details of your servants, and photocopies of their ID cards, as well as their photographs.  Ensure that your servants do not allow their friends, or any strangers on to the property without your approval.

3.​Maintain adequate external lighting.  Position overlapping lighting wherever possible.

4.​Install security bars (fixed to masonry not to wooden frame) on at least the bedroom areas. These should be correctly stressed and not purely ornamental.  External doors should be solid.

5.​Install grille gates (fixed to masonry, not to wooden frame) separating the living and sleeping areas, thereby creating a ‘safe haven’.  Provide an emergency exit from ‘safe haven’ in case of fire.

6.​Employ a night watchman – preferably employed through a recognised Security Company.

7.​Keep your own dogs.  They can be a deterrent.  However it should be noted that dogs show loyalty to the person who feeds them and changes of staff could create a problem in security.

8.​Install an adequate perimeter fence and gate (the latter relatively clear of foliage).

9.  Make sure all external doors and windows are locked by fall of darkness.

10.​Change locks as soon as possible if a key is lost.  Ensure that there is no duplication of internal door locks with external door locks.​

11.​Maintain extra vigilance if there is a building under construction in your neighbourhood.

12.​Lock away ladders and garden tools at night.

13.​Contact us at any time for a free security appraisal at your residence.


1.​Leave doors unlocked during the day even if you leave the house unattended for just a few minutes.  Your main gate should be locked at all times.  Never leave the property unattended, even during the day at weekends

​2.​Keep large sums of money at the house.​

3.​Allow servants to take house keys off the premises, and their keys should be kept on an extra large key ring.  Keys for the ‘safe haven’ grille gate should not be left in the possession of the house servants at any time.

4.​Try and tackle the intruders in the event of an intrusion, and do not switch on any inside lights.  Remain in your ‘safe haven’ activate your Ultimate Alarm and wait for assistance.  If you are outside your “safe haven’ at the time of intrusion, make for your ‘safe haven’ and activate your Ultimate Alarm.

We would also like to stress the importance of our office having correct information on our Personal Details Sheet.  In this respect we request you to let us know immediately there is a change of occupier in any company/High Commissioner /Embassy House.  If you have not yet completed your form, please do so as soon as possible.

Contact Ultimate Security on: 0720 974353