In search of the sun!

Posted on September 14th, 2011
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If you are chilled to the bone and have temporarily forgotten why you live so close the equator, let me remind you!

A couple of weekends ago we went away with friends in search of the sun and most definitely found it on Lake Baringo.  We headed out of Nairobi, jumpers on and windows up, but within 2 hours of the journey the sun started to shine, the car heated up and our little car thermometer started to climb.  By the time we got within 30 minutes of the lake, the temperature had gone from a cool 21 to 30 degrees C!  The area clearly has had masses of rain, even for what people describe as one of the driest places in the country.  As we started our descent into the lake, we noticed how lush the grass was and how the normally dusty and parched cactuses glistened and shined with recent rain showers.

There are a couple of places to stay on Lake Baringo, the better known are Island Camp and Samatian Island. We had the pleasure of staying at Samatian (formerly Roberts’ Camp).  The accommodation consists of 5 (1 is a family room) makuti roofed bandas with high ceilings and lots of space; which are perfectly dotted within reach of the pool and dining/sitting room main area.  In addition, they are far away enough for privacy but close enough to allow for the many return journeys to the bedroom to retrieve the paraphernalia that comes with going away with children for the weekend!

We had the family room, a four poster double bed with a huge roomy net around it with nothing but fresh air separating us from the great outdoors.  We were spoilt with uninterrupted views of the sun coming up over the lake at dawn – absolutely stunning.  The children had twin beds next door and we both had our own bathrooms!

The staff were fully geared for children and had all the necessary skills in creating homemade fishing rods to keep the kids entertained for hours catching suicidal tilapia (I have firsthand experience of the 3 second fish memory theory!) who seemed to enjoy nothing more than jumping back onto the hook time and time again!

Of course with lake water, comes the subject of crocodiles! I was reassured that it is not in the nature of Baringo crocs to attack people, however with feet dangling in the unclear waters it was hard not to imagine the worst!  We were lucky enough to be spending the weekend with friends who had a boat with skis, so we did all spend quite a bit of time skiing in the pleasantly tepid lake.  We all got our daily adrenalin fix when doing the 100 mile an hour crawl from the jetty to the floating trampoline about 20 meters off the jetty.  We have all come back with all limbs intact and no sightings of crocs,  much to the children’s disappointment!

If you are squeamish however, the swimming pool is utter heaven, an infinity pool overlooking the lake and its spectacular mountain scenery.  It all made for some very happy days shared with friends.

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Written by Claire Low