Kipepeo Therapies – Autism and Behavioural Challenges

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I am a behavior therapist specializing in autism and related disabilities. I have focused my work on children with special needs and their families for over 20 years, 16 of them in autism. I have extensive experience working with young children with autism, speech delays, sensory issues and other behavioural challenges. I also continue to provide therapy to typically developing children with social-emotional concerns.

I provide direct intervention for children with autism and other disabilities, which includes working on academics, communication, play skills, social skills and behaviour. I include the parents and families in the therapeutic process and ensure follow through at home in order to provide the much needed consistency of intervention that these children need. I am also available to facilitate parent support groups or run children’s groups with other professionals.

In my therapy practice I use a holistic approach in which I combine my years of experience. I use a child-centered approach and pull from a variety of methodologies including: ABA, TEACCH, PECS, and Floortime, among others. I include sensory integration techniques as needed. I collaborate with Occupational Therapists, Speech Therapists and other professionals. I develop an individual plan for each child.

I facilitate workshops to professionals in the following areas: Overview of Autism, Classroom Strategies (for children with autism and other special needs), Behaviour Modification, How to Effectively Consult with Parents on Behavioural Issues, A Brief Overview of Sensory Integration Disorder, Sensory Processing Problems, Overview of Typical Development, Warning Signs of Developmental Delays among others. For Parents I provide talks on all of the above, modified for their needs as well as a special talk that I do on The Impact of Disability on the Family. I conduct trainings alone or can include a speech therapist or other specialized professional to address specific issues.

I consult directly with teachers in the classroom to provide in-class support and work with them to implement the best teaching strategies for their individual children.


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