Pet Grooming by Suzie

Services offered: * Wash and blow-dry (this a standard treatment for all grooms). * Tidy up trim * Puppy cut * Custom cut * Show cut  * Shave-off * De-shedding * Nail clipping and filing * Anal gland check and expression (if need be) * Ear cleaning and tweezing. A single groom takes anywhere between 1hr 30 min to 3hrs 30 min with sometimes a break in between. What determines the grooming time is the coat condition, how often the pet is groomed (most time first grooms take longer), whether the pet is used to clipper noise and blow dry noise and of course the size of the pet. The cost of a groom is Ksh 4,000/=. I offer house calls in Karen and its environs. For those who would like to visit the office please call, text or email me for an appointment. Name: Suzie Email: [email protected] Number: 0721598175