The Emakoko, Nairobi National Park

The Nairobi National Park

The concept for The Emakoko was born 2 years ago. Anthony & Emma Childs who have lived in Kenya all their lives felt that the safari experience for most guests was tainted by their arrivals and departures from Nairobi, Kenya’s capital city.

Transfers from the airport to Nairobi hotels can take anything from one to three hours due to terrible traffic. It made no sense that every visitor into the country was driving around a very unique game park in order to get to their destination.

The beautifully appointed rooms look out over the game park so one can fall asleep to the sounds of Africa, a lion roaring or the cry of a lone hyena, an amazing contrast to the sounds of traffic, ambulances, fire engines and dogs barking which are the normal sounds of any sleeping city.

There are five rooms on the same level as the main areas and a further five rooms with the most spectacular views positioned on top of the cliff, overlooking the valley.

For many Nairobians, Nairobi National park is a fantastic refuge from the hustle and bustle of Kenya’s capital Nairobi. Over the years the Nairobi National Park, although not a particularly large park compared to many in Kenya, has become home to a huge number of wildlife species. A natural wildlife habitat next to a capital city is unique and it seemed obvious that using the park would be a great way to start how one meant to go on.

Activities include: game drives, helicopter rides over the city and park, shopping trips in Nairobi or just relax in beautiful surroundings.

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