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Wines on Wheels is the new home delivery side of Nairobi Vintners. We are a family run business that was founded in 1973 and has been part of Kenya’s wine world ever since.

Take the hassle out of your day, forgotten to pick up the wine for that BBQ on the weekend, ran out last night?

Don’t stress yourself driving around in a hurry. Pick your wines online and simply pay when they arrive. Simple.

So next time you are looking for that perfect bottle or getting ready for a party or gathering look no further than Wines-on-Wheels.

: Orders before 2pm same day delivery
Orders after 2pm next day delivery
Monday to Friday

Minimum Order: 
6 Bottles (Mix & Match)

Where we Deliver: Lavington, Westlands, Lower Kabete Road, Lakeview, Hillview, Spring Valley, Kyuna, Kitisuru

Ranges include:

Leopards Leap

Located in the stunning countryside of the Franshhoek Valley Leopards Leap boasts a versatile range of wines that offers excellent quality at affordable prices. Wines to suit any occasion.


The very first brand produced by Imbuko and still the flagship of the company. Imbuko has made a name for itself across the world. Already selling in 29 countries worldwide, it is about to break into a few new markets.

The Imbuko brand is still the pride and joy of the company and especially Theunis van Zyl, who produced the very first Imbuko wines. To this day he takes special care in selecting the wines for the Imbuko label to guarantee consistency and quality that this brand has become known for. Hence, it is trusted by our clients as a quality, yet affordable wine, enjoyed by connoisseurs and general wine lovers alike.


Too often, wine producers rely on harsh chemical fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides to maintain their vineyards. But not all wineries are the same. The Releaf wines symbolizes the true meaning of sustainability and harmony within nature. With Releaf, our growers use sustainable agriculture to produce 100% hand harvested, organically grown grapes.

We all have the ability to change, to make greener decisions and to help the environment by using partially recycled glass for the bottle and labels that contain sustainable inks and recycled paper.

Alternative contact numbers: 020 8034207 / 2161628


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