New Property Bridging Loan Company opens in Nairobi

Posted on May 14th, 2014
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Are you selling your house or plot but need the money now? 

Then get a Property Bridging Loan from Platinum Bridging Capital Limited today!


What is a Property Bridging Loan from PLATINUM Bridging Capital?
A bridging loan is a way for you the home owner to fund a down payment for another home while still selling your old one. It is short-term in nature and the interest and principal balance on it are due and payable no later than when your old home finally sells.So, you have a house or plot that you are selling. You know that the sale process will take months before you realize any cash, but you need money now.

If you wait for the sale to complete you may lose the opportunity on the new house!

If you wait for the sale to complete then you will have to rent a temporary residence for months while you purchase your new house!

If you wait for the sale to complete, then the price of the new house is growing at a faster rate than the house you are selling. For example, if you are selling a house worth 10 million shillings it may increase in value by 10% in six months to be worth 11 million shillings; a whole million shillings more! That may sound good, but the 20 million shilling property you want to buy will have increased in value to 22 million shillings, if is still available; a whole two million shillings more. Worse still, you actually signed a Sale Agreement on your house for 10 million shillings, so you will not get the 11 million shillings it is worth after six months!

That is why it makes sense to get a Property Bridging Loan from PLATINUM Bridging Capital today!

PLATINUM Bridging Capital gives bridging loans which enable you to release cash from your house or plot now while you wait for your sale to complete.

How does a Property Bridging Loan work?

As soon as you are considering selling your house or plot contact PLATINUM Bridging Capital Ltd.. It is important that you approach us before signing agreements with other parties.

We will advise you on what documentation is required and our legal partners will set up the loan agreement, sale agreement with your buyer and perform the conveyancing in a cost-effective manner.

So, get a Property Bridging Loan from PLATINUM Bridging Capital today!

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