First time in Kenya! ‘Hunger Games’ style exercise coming to Kenya 15th to 27th October

Posted on August 24th, 2012
Categories: News

‘Get in shape by joining U.S.A.’s Fawn Heart Cronin in the Tribute Relays! Inspired by the award-winning movie The Hunger Games, the Tribute Relays bring the elements of the arena into a competitive workout against your fellow “tributes”.

In the Tribute Relays, you will train to protect your district in the elements of archery, agility, speed, and endurance. You will guard your district by executing a set number of exercises that represent the skills needed to compete in the Tribute Relays. Each exercise will be performed for a certain amount of reps before moving on to the next for a total of 5 exercises in a round. Your goal in this training is to complete as many rounds as you can before time is called by the Capitol.

At any given time you will need to be ready to “Run like Rue”, “Kill like Katniss” with a bow, or dive and crawl low with should a swarm of Tracker Jackers be released! Anything is fair game as each exercise is designed to help you win in the arena. .

The Tribute who completes the most rounds of each exercise will WIN THE TRIBUTE RELAYS!

To participate in the Tribute Relays, you will need to report to the Dance Dynamique Studio, New Muthaiga Shopping Mall, for two weeks in October.

To see Fawn in action please visit: <>
For further information/booking, please contact 0708 877 804- limited spaces available’.