New York’s hottest exercise trend comes to Nairobi! Barre Workouts and TRX Classes

Posted on January 14th, 2013
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You no longer have to be a ballerina (or a drunk) to slide up to a barre daily. “Barre Workouts,” the fitness craze that has swept the U.S and London, has come to Nairobi. The new Taut Body Studio offers “Barre” and more of California’s hottest classes. Madonna, Natalie Portman and Kelly Ripa are devotees. Have you seen Madonna’s arms? Her legs? She’s 54. Need I say more?

Amy Selbach, owner of the new Taut Body Studio in Village Market, gives us the low down on the latest craze she has brought to Kenya, offered in an intimate boutique studio setting. (inset photo)

Question:: Taut Body Opened in Village Market in November 2012. Why did you choose the name Taut Body?

Amy Selbach: Taut means long, lean and toned, which is also the end result of many of the forms of fitness we teach. And of course it’s also a play on words … taught in the sense of teaching. This studio is a place to come to be taught how to maintain a healthy and fit body.

Question:: Taut Body offers classes we have never heard of before in Kenya such as Barre, TRX, Resistance Bands and Cross fit. Why did you decide to specialize in such new forms of fitness?

Amy Selbach: I chose the exercises that I have seen work best for my friends and clients over the years and the forms of fitness that anyone can do at any stage and still be challenged, from beginners to advanced fitness enthusiasts. I wanted the workouts to include people in their 20s to people in their 60s, people with past injuries, pregnant women, new moms, and people who are total sports and fitness junkies. I fall into the sport and fitness junkie category — and pregnant — and need a workout that pushes me constantly. These workouts continue to do that. You can always make them harder or easier.

Question:: Was it hard to introduce them to the market here in Kenya?

Amy Selbach: Anytime you introduce something new there is a learning curve, but people here are also so enthusiastic about getting the “best in class” in whatever category that it is adopted quickly. Barre and TRX both have exceptional track records in the U.S, Australia, London etc., for producing great strength, toning and weight-loss benefits. So when people research online or hear from friends they are quick to want to try it out. I was surprised at what an athletic community Nairobi has! Barre is so popular in the U.S. now and is exploding. There are studios all across the U.S., especially New York and California, so I thought it would be cool to introduce it in Africa for the first time and thought it would be well received.

TRX Class

Question:: Has it been well received? What is the feedback you are getting?

Amy Selbach: Well of course no one tells me the bad to my face but the good stuff is amazing. I actually have all the testimonials written on my website — But to summarize, people have said things like: “I have seen changes to my body in as little as 6 sessions,” and “I shaved 10 minutes off my 10K running time.” One person said that: “This is the first time in years I have shopped for a bikini and looked forward to wearing it.” Others have said this workout is the only way they’ve been able to lose weight or complete a full push-up. Hearing comments like that is so rewarding.

Question:: So if I want to look like Madonna, what should I do?

Amy Selbach: Funny you should ask!  Madonna just fired her long time trainer Tracy Anderson and hired Sadie Lincoln who is the founder of a Barre Technique in the U.S.!  But I would say in general consistency is the key. Coming two to three times per week — some do four to five — produces the absolute best results generally speaking. The body responds very quickly to this workout because you train arms, legs, seat and back in a balanced way and no part is neglected!

Barre Workout Class

Question:: Taut Body is a “boutique fitness studio.” What does that mean?

Amy Selbach: The concept of boutique means a few things. 1. More personalized attention, the instructor knows your name, personal strengths and weaknesses and observes your progress. 2. It is an aesthetic. Boutique means an intimate, personal setting in a beautiful clean environment. 3. It means creativity in the form of evolution. Because we are small and nimble we can adapt to latest research in nutrition and fitness. If something new that is better comes in we will be the first to have it or add it in.

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