Not only glass, but plastic bottles and tin cans – No more excuses not to recycle in Nairobi!

Posted on June 14th, 2012
Categories: News

We have re- opened our recycling hub at Marula Studios, in Karen, where we now have special boxes to separate the glass, tins, coloured plastic bottles and PET packaging. For those of you who do not know what PET is, (I was one of those!) there is usually the universal PET recycling symbol on the bottom of transparent plastic water bottles, soft drink bottles and edible oils which is an “i”. There are no facilities for accepting anything else for recycling, NO yogurt containers, transparent food trays, egg trays, cardboard (including the boxes that the waste is brought in), paper or plastic bags.

Matthew collects our glass bottles and these are taken directly to East African Breweries for recycling.

All the plastic, tins and PET are collected by Waweru, he sells everything separately, this covers his costs for collecting it with his pickup and this is how he makes his living. The plastic is sold to a factory where it is crushed and then sold to another factory where it is used to make new plastic containers.

The PET is sold, crushed and then exported in bundles to other countries.

How many of us know that tin cans are really tin-coated steel cans! Waweru takes all the cans to Kikuyu where the tin coating is chemically removed and the remaining steel sold to steel mills. Most steel products contain some recycled steel.

Our remaining rubbish is collected by BINS which we pay for and therefore kindly request that only the items specified be delivered to us so that they can be RECYCLED.

After dropping off your items for recycling please step into Marula for a browse, have a delicious coffee and sandwich wrap at Moniko’s cafe, or for a massage at Bliss…..make your recycling day fun! There is even a playground for your kids.

To read more about Marula Studios and find their location click here.