Protect your kids whilst on the internet!

Posted on July 23rd, 2013
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A lot has been written in the news over the last week, championed by David Cameron, on internet censorship. I would imagine about 50% of you are reading this from your ipad or tablet.  A tool we almost can’t imagine life without: pacifying the kids on a long journey, educator of children when you need to explain something visually and all round magical gadget. Infact, I am quite sure that my son will soon have square eyes and his generation’s version of tennis elbow “tablet tendon-itis” ! Having said all of that, the swipe generation have absolutely no trouble navigating their way around the internet, youtube and more.  My son got the shock of his life the other day, when an innocent visit to youtube looking at Amazonian Diggers soon evolved to Amazonian …. (I will leave that to your imagination!).  It occured to me how easily this happened, so I set about trying to work out how to  protect without taking the fun out of it. A friend of mine, a while back, recommended installing Net Nanny on her pcs at home, in the pre-tablet era.  I found Net Nanny on my ipad applications easily, downloaded it for $4.99 ($39 for a laptop) and followed easy enough instructions.  Essentially, you replace your safari icon and gateway into the internet for the Net Nanny version.  It is a little slower, as is filtering; so I gave it a good test and found the word Big brought up a very old photo of Tom Hanks from the 80s film, and nothing else! Net Nanny however did block what I thought was a very innocent Daily Mail story of where the Duchess of Cambridge was having her baby as it was deemed mature content.. so a little annoying to be slapped on the wrist by Net Nanny for wasting the day reading inane stories!!  The only way around this is to turn safari back on and hide it away in an admin named file, and hope the kids don’t find it.