RAZOR GIRL book review by Claire Minns

Posted on November 24th, 2017
Categories: News

 RAZOR GIRL by Carl Hiaasen

The author, Carl Hiaasen, was first recommended to me by Dudley, one of my more erudite London friends – the sort that have at least four books on the go. He told me that he first read one of Hiaasen’s books while on a flight to somewhere. He nearly fell out of his seat with laughther and consequently upset his gin and tonic, which we all know, is not a laughing matter.

I’m not usually drawn to comic fiction but Carl Hiaasen is a master story teller, albeit quirky with crazy plots, crazier characters and anti-heroes. They are crime novels but “not as we know it”.

Razor Girl is set in Florida. In fact all Hiaasen screwball adventures are based in the Sunshine State where the author was born and raised. Another Hiassen trait is his dramatic openings. They “hit you like the first blast of hot sticky air on a Florida morning” as far as the New York Times book reviewer, T Rafferty is concerned.

Razor Girl doesn’t disappoint.

This hilarious tale kicks off with a redhead who rams her car onto an unsuspecting motorist whilst simultaneously shaving, what polite society would describe, her bikini line!

Notwithstanding this madness, Hiaasen further includes characters such as a personal injury lawyer hooked on deodorant with Viagra properties, a guy who steals sand to replenish beaches, plus various mobsters and dubious Hollywood agents.

Razor Girl may not be to everyone’s taste but it will certainly put a smile on your face.

If you are having trouble finding books for your children, Carl Hiaasen also writes children’s fiction. Do not fear, however, the plots are not quite as risqué as his adult versions! One such book that had my 12 year old thoroughly engaged was Chomp.