Restaurant review on Seven Seafood & Grill

Posted on May 30th, 2012
Categories: News

Nouveau cuisine sized portions, beautifully presented, in a cosmopolitan and buzzing atmosphere, pretty much sums up the culinary experience at “Seven” in ABC Place. The service is courteous and the wine list, despite a print error on a price which caused disappointment within our group, is extensive and has some lovely, unusual for Nairobi, wines on it.

Unfortunately the food itself let the environment down somewhat. Not only were the portions small but the tuna carpaccio and the prawn starters, while delicious in taste, were served on a bed of spongey “fillers”, in fact the amount of tuna on the plate would have fitted on a teaspoon and therefore could be described more as a yummy mouthful than a portion! Our main course salads again, were tasty, but the fish was smothered in mayonnaise and the prawn salad was exactly the same as the starter, only slightly larger.

All in all we had a very pleasant lunch in a nice ambience, with delicious cold wine and good but not amazing food. Relatively heavy on the purse as well!