Review on the re-opened Misono Japanese Restaurant

Posted on June 28th, 2012
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In the good old days, when Japanese restaurants hadn’t mushroomed all over the city, we really only had the choice of two in Nairobi, one being Furusato and the other Misono.  Furusato was always just a little too far for us Karen dwellers, so Misono was where we dipped our tempura prawns.

For those old enough to remember, Misono’s food was consistently fabulous and service excellent. Which is why we never really noticed that the garden furniture was a collection of tired clashingly coloured ramboo furniture and indoors a dark room filled with teppanyaki tables and badly hung Japanese flags.

Over the last three years Japanese restaurants have popped up in every corner, allowing us to save on petrol and eat more locally, sadly trips to Misono dwindled.

So with huge excitement, the word of mouth team ventured beyond Karen to visit Misono’s new home.   When I tell you where it is located, The Green House, you’ll not immediately recognise the mall name, but when I tell you the outside of the building is covered in large red hoops, you’ll know exactly that I am talking about the large new mall/office space just by Adams Arcade along the Ngong Road.

Like meeting up with an old friend, we were greeted with all the familiar traditions Misono used to offer its customers in the old days:  A few bangs on the gong upon arrival, naff but rather like Pavlov’s bell, it got my tastebuds tingling every time followed by a little bow from the manager.  However, one tradition that we rather had hoped to see the back of was their love affair with ramboo, albeit upgraded, it is still there in all its glory.

However, upon entrance we realized how upgraded and smart the new Misono was looking, gleaming new teppanyaki tables and bar service downstairs , with the space upstairs for the a la carte tables and smart leather bench seating for 4.

The food didn’t disappoint, and was just so delicious.  In our disloyal defection we had forgotten about their two signature sauces, soy sauce with garlic, ginger, spices and other mysterious ingredients and the heavenly avocado and anchovy sauce.  We washed these down with exceptionally fresh tuna and salmon sashimi. Followed by their house specialty which was the grilled squid teriyaki and Rainbow Maki (special rolls filled with a million goodies and covered with alternate pieces of salmon and tuna) served with Peculiar Sauce! Nothing peculiar about this dish, but I don’t really remember any sauce!

We left with very round and nostalgic bellies! lesson learnt:  some things are worth the extra effort!

A very staid (by Karen standards) lunch with no booze for the three of us came to 5,700kshs – worth every penny!

Misono:   020 3868959 or 0722 511229

The Green House, Ngong Road – Ground Floor