Sasaab Fitness & Nutrition Weekend 2017 – by Your Trainer Karina

Posted on July 20th, 2017
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Sasaab – I love, love, love this place. I know you probably heard me say that about a 1000 times, but it is my favourite place in Kenya. I am a huge fan of the Samburu in general, but Sasaab is just tranquility, luxury and beauty – everything in one place. So it is no surprise that I am looking forward to May each year, when it is time for our annual Fitness Weekend there.

This year all participants were either clients of mine or friends or some very loyal Fitness-Weekend-lovers. It was a great and fun group – dare I say the best Fitness weekend ever.

I got to Wilson airport early, as I do like greeting all participants in person. Jean and Barrie were faster though this time. It was lovely seeing them again. It was their fourth Fitness weekend with me and I appreciate that so much. Also Jean`s and Barrie`s attitude really does describe the motto for the Fitness weekends…. `Everybody as good as they can´.

All other guests slowly arrived as well and we were warming up to each other.

Day 1

We made it! Finally back here and I can feel – despite it being a work weekend for me – how the Nairobi stress is melting away. We were welcomed warmly by Nicki and Scott (the new camp managers) and the wonderful staff and went straight to lunch.

We had a beef, butternut & chickpea salad, a spinach, beetroot & walnut salad, a roasted aubergine & olive salad and courgetti with avocado, sundried tomatoes & toasted seeds. Delicious as always when our nutritional therapist, Heather Cuthbert, is in the kitchen.

In the afternoon we started our exercises with a Aqua Tone & Cardio in the pool. My personal highlight of the first day is the Pilates class in a dry riverbed. The scenery and the colours are just amazing – with only the sky above you.

The dinner table was set on the newly extended deck. All the candles around us made it look so special. And we dress for the occasion as well. As we are running around in Active Wear most of the day, I think it is nice to dress up a bit for dinner – and everybody does.

After the meal, with healthy Banoffee pies for dessert, everybody turned in for the night.

I love falling asleep with the noises of the bush and the river close by.

Day 2

It was in the very early morning hours; I was already up, when I heard the leopard making its typical noise. I was not sure at first, as I am really not a bush-specialist, but it was confirmed later by Scott, that I did hear right.

We met at the swimming pool, as the first activities of the day were Sun salutations, followed by a Bush run or walk. We split into two groups and went off with a guide each. There is no better start to the day. After a nice stretch in the morning sun and a quick shower we were all looking forward to breakfast on the deck. Our healthy Sasaab breakfast usually contains a delicious granola muesli made by Heather with fresh yogurt or cashew nut milk, buckwheat pancakes with roasted bananas, gluten free bread and some nut butters as well as a choice of eggs with avocado and tomato.

After Breakfast it was time for our cooking demonstration. Heather showed us how to make a Thai salad, avocado mayonnaise and some salted caramel and superfood chocolates.

It was time to get active again. FitChair was on the program – a not very strenuous exercise program, but a routine that is easy for all age groups.

Nina, one of our clients and our camera women, was turning 40 today. It is a big day and I was told by her sister in Nairobi to make it a special day. I think, so far, we were doing quite well. But the best was yet to come. In the afternoon we started our walk to the Sundowner rock – approximately 45min to an hour. The 360 degree views are breath-taking. Nina continued filming the scenery, Khaled did a very impressive headstand while Nikki and I did relatively boring tree or warrior poses. But in the end everything looks great on top of that spectacular rock.


Finally it was time to open a bottle of bubbly. Heather and I both decided that we had to make a concession. You can´t have a 40th birthday without a few drops of champagne. We really just had half a glass each.

Back to the cars now and we were heading to the final big surprise of the day. At the foot of a massive rock wall was a beautiful, big log-fire set up. The rock was illuminated and the stars above us……… getting a bit carried away again. We were greeted by Nicki and Scott and walked through the set-up of our bush dinner. The table was set with white linen, beautiful candles and white ostrich feathers – it felt like we were at a wedding. It was truly special and I have not seen anything like it before. So, thank you Nina that you had your 40th Birthday with us at Sasaab and we all were able to enjoy the magic.

Day 3

An early morning game drive was on the program, which meant leaving the camp by 6am. One car was enough, as not everybody wanted to come. We drove directly to our usual riverbed for our Bush-HIIT session. I had planned two separate sessions: one for Jean and Barrie, which would work them, but not kill them, and one for the rest of the group. We had a lot of fun and worked up a proper sweat.

In the meantime Daniel and Jacob set up our breakfast and prepared eggs. And so we just sat there, enjoyed our breakfast and the bush and waited for some animals to pass by…..

What we did not know at that point, an Elephant family was hiding in the bushes, waiting for us to leave. So 3-4min after we left, we looked back to our exercise/breakfast spot and saw them making their way to the river. It is just so special to watch those beautiful giants.

In time for lunch we were back at the camp and Heather had prepared the most amazing cauliflower bagels with cashew cheese & smoked salmon.

For the afternoon we would stay in the camp and do another water aerobics class followed by Circuit training in the Gym in the late afternoon. Yes, this camp has a Gym!

We had some time to rest and to shower before meeting for another delicious healthy meal on the deck

 Day 4

Leaving day. I don´t know how the others were feeling, but it always makes me sad.

We still had a Pilates class scheduled as well as a hands-on cooking class. To save time we did the Pilates class on the pool deck. The moon was still above us, and it was just beautiful, not sure why I didn´t use this spot before.

After our breakfast we all went packing and the staff prepared the dining room for our cooking session. Chocolate truffles! Best of all we could take them with us.

In the meantime Safarilink had agreed (with some pushing) to pick us up from the Sasaab airstrip, which meant we did not have to rush out of camp. It is much nicer to enjoy the last hour in peace and quietness instead of sitting in a bumpy car for an extra hour and a half.

See you latest next year! I can´t wait. May the time fly by quickly.


Karina Walsh