SAX 10 to 4 Mountain Bike Challenge on the foothills of Mount Kenya – 22nd and 23rd February 2013

Posted on December 6th, 2012
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Mount Kenya, soaring at just over 5,000 meters above sea level, is one of East Africa’s finest land marks, a natural beauty and water catchment that is vital to the successful functions of Kenya’s broad and unique eco-system. The Mount Kenya Trust works hard to maintain the balance and survival of such a monumental, environmental icon, acquiring capital from generous sponsors and hosting various events and fundraisers. In it’s 12th year, the SAX 10 to 4 mountain bike challenge is an exciting, intrepid and colourful event that appeals to a wide range of cyclists, from the experienced rider to the whole family, including the children.

Mountain biking has grown substantially in Kenya and with the help, charm and charisma of sportsmen such as David Kinjah reaching out to the local communities, cycling has become an explosive sporting feature. Combining this community spirit and sport with a passion for preserving Kenya’s environment can only be a recipe for success.

The SAX 10 to 4 does just that, every penny put into the purse is accounted for. The 15,000Ksh (Day 1 & 2 combined) is not an entry fee but a minimum sponsorship amount. The entry sponsorship minimum is 10,000Ksh and 5,000Ksh for the races main event day. We are encouraging participants to enter early before 18th December, then the discount rate will go up by 50% and by 100% on 23rd January 2013. If you pay early you avoid the increase and reserve your spot in this highly sort after event with limited places. This money put forward, and any sponsorship received, offers a wide range of treasures and security measures. The race has been exclusively tailored taking place in the winding foothills of Mt Kenya itself, from the Afro-Alphine forest, through the famous Elephant corridor on day one, to the rolling wheat fields and down to the warm hearted communities, bursting with cheer and encouragement. There will be paramedics and ambulances standing by, helicopter medivac services, support vehicles and staff providing outstanding safety and precautions at all times. This package also includes goody bags, water stops run by local companies and water provided by highlands water, a beautiful campsite and caterers to provide a delicious, nutritious meal after your exciting adventure. After these essential race costs have been covered, the real purpose of its financial fundraising comes to the fore. Money will be put into the 2013 reforestation project. The Mount Kenya trust aspires to work with local communities, providing an alternative means of income, together they will develop a system, starting with a tree nursery that will eventually replant saplings into its natural environment, hoping to eventually rejuvenate and restore the region of its indigenous trees and in turn encourage wildlife and environmental regeneration that has been so violated by human development in the past. Some money will go towards patrol teams on the lookout for poaches and logging, a portion is also given to the Borana Education Trust and the Ngare Ndare Forest Trust. For the local riders who perhaps don’t have bikes or the financial means to participate there is the “Mamba” event which costs 400Ksh that is usually covered by various sponsors.

This remarkable challenge has attracted the attention of D.S.T.V. Super Sport and other major media houses, also catching the eye of Paul Sherwen who commentates on the Tour De France.  Taking place on Friday the 22nd and Saturday 23rd February, 2013 without a doubt the SAX 10 to 4 promises to be a site from the bike, a feat on a seat, a donation to the natural nation and an experience to be treasured for a lifetime. Don’t miss out! read more about the race on their website or enter today online click here.