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“Kaizora” means childhood, and we work on giving every child a special one. We specialize in providing individualized one-on-one Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) therapy for children between 2 and 18 years of age.  We specialize in the field of Autism Spectrum Disorders, but also have children with cerebral palsy, hydrocephalus, ADHD, dyslxia and other disorders that have benefited from our services.   ABA employs methods based on specific principles of behavior to build useful social and life skills to reduce problematic behavior.


We can evaluate the child’s level and design programs for each skill you feel the child needs.. these may include anything from life skills to academics.

We provide you with support and management procedures for your child.

We do observations in schools/home environments and provide recommendations to teachers and caregivers on behaviour management.

We provide (on order only) foods for specific dietary requirements such as gluten/casein free

We provide electrostimulation therapy for individuals lacking speech or stroke victims – known as vocastim.  A great add-on to speech therapy for great results.


ABA is currently the intervention of choice.


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I am a behavior therapist specializing in autism and related disabilities. I have focused my work on children with special needs and their families for over 20 years, 16 of them in autism. I have extensive experience working with young children with autism, speech delays, sensory issues and other behavioural challenges. I also continue to provide therapy to typically developing children with social-emotional concerns.

I provide direct intervention for children with autism and other disabilities, which includes working on academics, communication, play skills, social skills and behaviour. I include the parents and families in the therapeutic process and ensure follow through at home in order to provide the much needed consistency of intervention that these children need. I am also available to facilitate parent support groups or run children’s groups with other professionals.

In my therapy practice I use a holistic approach in which I combine my years of experience. I use a child-centered approach and pull from a variety of methodologies including: ABA, TEACCH, PECS, and Floortime, among others. I include sensory integration techniques as needed. I collaborate with Occupational Therapists, Speech Therapists and other professionals. I develop an individual plan for each child.

I facilitate workshops to professionals in the following areas: Overview of Autism, Classroom Strategies (for children with autism and other special needs), Behaviour Modification, How to Effectively Consult with Parents on Behavioural Issues, A Brief Overview of Sensory Integration Disorder, Sensory Processing Problems, Overview of Typical Development, Warning Signs of Developmental Delays among others. For Parents I provide talks on all of the above, modified for their needs as well as a special talk that I do on The Impact of Disability on the Family. I conduct trainings alone or can include a speech therapist or other specialized professional to address specific issues.

I consult directly with teachers in the classroom to provide in-class support and work with them to implement the best teaching strategies for their individual children.


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My School (Montessori)

09 Peponi Road, Westlands

Dr Maria Montessori, who is the inspiration behind My School (Montessori) said this…. “The most important period of life… is the period from birth to the age of six… for that is the time when intelligence itself, the greatest implement, is being formed”

My School is a well established fifteen year old Montessori nursery, kindergarten and pre-school. It is set on a one acre plot in Westlands with a swimming pool, horse riding area, a trampoline, and a beautiful lawn, etc. The teaching ratio is one teacher for every 5 students. Specialist staff are also employed.

We, at My School (Montessori) integrate both normal and Special Needs children of mild to moderate disabilities, within every class situation. We have children of 1.6 years to 6 years of age in the normal range and 1.6 years to 10 years of age for the Special Educational Needs.

Through careful observation to really get to know each individual child, My School believe they will educate the whole child to become a confident and capable self-educator.

Visiting Hours: 9am to 3:30 pm, Monday to Friday

Physical address: 09 Peponi Road, Westlands. Diagonally Opposite Peponi Plaza and around the corner from Westgate Shopping Mall

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