Do you really know who you are employing and what they are doing with your confidential company and home information?

Do you have unresolved thefts and incidents, which you are unable to investigate because of lack of physical evidence?

Do you know that a forensic psychophysiology examination, commonly known as polygraph, can safeguard your business and personal assets and give you priceless insight?

Polygraph examination is the commonly used term for Psychophysiological Detection of Deception (PDD), the scientific detection of deception in the human being.

Human beings exhibit specific autonomic reactions in a number of physiological parameters when being deceptive. An autonomic reaction is one that the conscious mind is unable to control and is a highly accurate marker for deceptive behaviour.

Polygraph equipment measures a range of physiological parameters whilst the subject is undergoing a specifically structured questioning regime. The autonomic reactions to these questions are recorded and analysed by the polygraph examiner. The polygraph examiner is trained to conclude deceptive on non deceptive responses from the analysis of the recorded data.

Polygraph has been scientifically established to have an accuracy of 98% when utilized by a qualified Psychophysiologist.

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