Security Advice – Avoid the Langata By- Pass, no matter how bad the traffic jams are

Posted on January 12th, 2012
Categories: News

Attempted Carjacking – Langata By-Pass.  11th January – A woman was traveling from Wilson Airport to the Lenana Forest Centre on the By-Pass road today at 5:15pm. There were a lot of vehicles going both directions on the road. However, as she crested a hill, 3 men armed with pistols appeared in the road and tried to stop her. She decided to drive at them with speed, and they jumped out of the way before firing any shots.

Please remember: It’s very tempting to use these by-passes during rush hour times when the roads are jammed with traffic. Most people think that since there are a lot of vehicles using these roads during busy times of the day, that they will be OK. However, this incident is a prime example of why this by-pass road should be avoided at all times.