Security advice for drivers

Posted on June 13th, 2011
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When you’re driving in your car, you often get pre-occupied with your thoughts. A million things run through your mind. “I wonder if my boss liked my presentation?” “I wonder if my son will do well on his exam today?” “Should I get beef or chicken for dinner tonight,” etc.  When you aren’t paying attention to your surroundings and get absorbed in thinking about other things, that’s when you can become a target of criminal activity.

Be alert and ask yourself from time to time if you are paying attention to your surroundings. Notice anything unusual. Remember, if something doesn’t “feel right” it probably isn’t. Don’t ignore these feelings. Men particularly disregard these warnings. Women are more used to trusting their intuition.

Current Crime Trend:
Majority of attacks occur at the gate when you return to your residence.

Things you can do:

a.  Clear any shrubs and bushes from the immediate area of the gate to deny hiding areas to thugs.

b.  Train your Security Guards to question anyone loitering near the gate.  If the Security Guard is uncertain of anyone’s purpose, he should press the alarm button so that Security Response Units can come to questions these individuals.

c. Consider giving you Security Guard a mobile phone and call him when you are nearby. Have a pre-determined password and change it periodically. If the guard gives the correct password, you know it’s safe to enter. If he doesn’t pick up or gives the wrong answer, don’t go home. Go to a safe haven and phone your security provider, or nearest police station and have them inspect your premises before returning.

c.  Install outward facing lighting to the area immediately in front of gates and ensure bulbs are replaced when needed.

If you want in depth information on how to stay safe while mobile enroll yourself, your spouse and your driver in one of our Counter-carjacking Courses.

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