Smart Fellas – A smart solution to stop drink driving!

Posted on May 12th, 2014
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Last week, I decided to give Smart Fellas a go as I was having supper at a friend’s house in Karen and needed to drive back to Langata.  With all the talk of Alcoblow and hearing the horror stories about the execution of being caught left me very nervous about driving myself home. The thought of paying two ways in a taxi didn’t appeal much, which is when I thought of Smart Fellas.

My experience was excellent, I was extremely impressed.  I called and spoke to Andrew, who explained the process and even told me the first journey was a free trial. Hard to say no!  It is a very simple process, you go to a party, book a driver to collect you at a certain time and then enjoy your evening.   At the agreed time, a saloon car arrives with two drivers.  One gets behind the wheel of your car, and the other car follows you. Simple!

I called them at about 6pm that evening, logged on and signed up to become a member, and called them back a few minutes later to explain pick up and drop off.   A few minutes before the driver was due to arrive, I got a text from the office telling me the name and mobile number of my driver, and within minutes he had arrived.  The relief of getting into your car knowing that you will be driven home safely without taking any risks is hugely satisfying. My driver was called Eric, he was a very experienced and had previously worked as a driver for an expat years ago.  All in all, I was very impressed. Here are the steps:

  1. Call Smart Fellas – 0720 777655 or 0720 777728
  2. Log into their website here
  3. Pay by Mpesa for a membership (free trial for first journey). 3,000Ksh per year
  4. You then book a pick up time and the cost is worked out at a shilling rate per KM driven.
  5. You need to pay in advance on Mpesa – to your membership account – at an estimate cost. At the end of the journey, the actual kms driven are logged down and if you have overpaid then your membership no. if credited.

Here are their rules:

MINIMUM CHARGE – A charge Ksh 600 is levies per call.
PASSENGER DROP OFF’S – A fee of ksh. 200 is applicable but there is no limit to the number of drop offs.
TAKE-AWAY FOOD STOPS – If drivers are requested to stop and wait, a surcharge of 200 per stop is levied.
WAITING – A 30 minute grace period after arrival is allowed. Thereafter a Ksh 500 waiting fee will apply to each 30 minute period maximum one hour.
TRIP CANCELLATIONS – a fee based on the minimum trip and waiting charge is levied for trips that are cancelled with less than one hour notification or for “no shows”.

Unused millage will roll over to the following month subject to a minimum monthly top up of Kshs 500.