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Posted on November 8th, 2011
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Taking advantage of November

Time and time again, travelling and touring has been viewed as one of the most popular hobbies yet one of the most expensive. The pleasure we get in visiting unknown destinations or relaxing by the beach and soaking up the sun has always seemed to appeal to just about anybody so long us they are willing to spend.

Touring and travelling can become quite expensive especially if you are not at per with your preferred tour destination price seasonality. With the current harsh economic times, it is difficult to just decide on taking up a trip especially if it is unplanned. It is important to know which season the price goes up and which season the price is likely to be lesser than the usual price. This will help you plan and spend within the means of your budget which in turn will assure you of still having your much desired trip at a fairly priced package.

In Kenya, the season are as follows however always confirm when booking as different hotels and lodges may have their own categorised seasons:

  • 15th December – 05th January (Peak Season)
  • 06th January – 31st March ( Mid / Low Season)
  • 01st April – 30th June (Mid Season ) excluding Easter period which is termed as peak season
  • 01st July – 31st October (Peak Season)
  • 01st November – 14th December (Mid/ Low Season)

As for local tourists the low season periods are actually most advisable because the prices are usually really, really good! With fantastic discounts flying high. This is why we insist that with the beginning of November, if you feel your family or friends should take up a holiday or if you want a romantic getaway and think it is a bit too expensive, then this is the time to have it! Take advantage of November and enjoy your holiday but spend less!

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