Tazim Elkington – The Indian Black Butterfly!

Posted on September 11th, 2017
Categories: News

Paradigm Shifter, Trainer, Writer, Speaker, Hypnotherapist, Poet and Qreator of the ‘Q Factor’

“Truth is when what people think, say and do are in harmony!”

Tazim is the embodiment or living example of an inspiring and authentic life being lived. The talented “paradigm shifter” is credited to motivating, stimulating and encouraging many groups and individuals in society today with her unconventional strategies to living a more fulfilled and rewarding life. I recently attended a Roatary Club Lavington talk given by Tazim – it was incredible how the crowd started off with a level of apprehension and by the end, Tazim could not get away! We even tried a small hypnosis relaxation process – which left some sleepy, others amazed and most curious!

With her natural global and local appeal, Tazim has a gift for connecting with people from all ethnicities, ages, creeds, and sees every human being as the individual and unique human being they are. This is a woman who has a powerful presence, in the boardroom, in the village, slum or any social gathering. Her presence speaks the right to freedom, balance, peace, joy and endless application of fulfilled potentiality.

She’s a natural and trained public speaker, a mother and a grandmother, and has learnt a variety of methodologies and concepts over the years. These have propelled her to create her very own unique transformational systems that break the limitation and boundaries that restrict individual freedoms. Tazim’s words go straight to the heart and resonate with every human being. She is a ‘figure and personality on the move’.

Tazim however is known for her gift of writing her collection of pros entitled “Song of the Soul”. Her work is an expression and connection to the inner self. Deep, real, meaningful and enquiring. Extracts of her work have previously been published weekly in the Standard newspaper under the title ’Just a thought’ by Tazim Elkington. Tazim graciously suggested that we load these up onto our Word of Mouth page – go and have a look!

Tazim began helping people shift paradigms by applying lessons she had learnt from her own life. She has a very strong and almost psychic instinctual understanding of the human spirit. She works with organizations to support them in finding their balance and vision. Her letters of reference from corporates and individuals are so personal and impressive, to have made those connections,   truly shows her ability to understand each and every individuals needs. She works with individuals in order to help them understand their power and accept the gifts of life.

She works with communities to help them realize their common ground and build a fulfilled and sustainable future for all concerned. She creates customized presentations, concepts and suggestions to suit specific needs. She typically uses a combination of many philosophies in her work resulting in her own unique healing and progressive techniques that can be applied to any situation.

The Indian Black butterfly is all about revolutionary social change one person at a time. From one-on-one interactions, workshops, seminars and various unconventional methods to reaching and creating lasting change and fulfillment that is impactful and sustainable. The “Q” factor is literally infectious and can be applied on a personal, relational, professional and organizational level to a collective scale. The methods are distinct, unconventional and unique in nature and unlike any self-help, personal development, organizational change you have ever read, experienced or heard of. The Indian Black Butterfly is constantly changing and evolving to meet new and current emerging circumstances. Tazim seeks to educate and elevate the experience we have of living meaningful lives and achieving desired goals. The Indian Black Butterfly is fearless, accountable, quantifiable, colourful, clear, de-layering, quick, current, applicable, simple, effective, long lasting and most importantly REAL.

Take action for an unparalleled journey of self-discovery, awareness and achievement. Wow – what a breath of fresh air, an inspiration and amazing lady!

For more information, please contact Tazim on phone: +254714434574 or email: [email protected] or visit her website www.tazim.net.