TCB’s Miscellaneous Ramblings – August to September

Posted on August 6th, 2018
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The world sizzles, while here on the equator we freeze – in relative terms of course. Our highland Kenyan winter, as its known here, has seen lows of 8C and highs of only 21C under murky grey skies. Which is the norm at this time of the year. Followed recently by days of sunshine up to a balmy 26C and today as I write this thunder, lightning and a downpour of epic proportions.

Has the world’s weather finally succumbed to the oft broadcast theory of global warming or as some say it’s all cyclical. Hold onto your hats and don’t be too hasty in your judgement.

That said, I enjoyed a holiday in Scotland – and hot it was, followed by an adventure to the Greek island of Corfu, which was even hotter. No complaints mind, when news from home told of a cold spell. I hadn’t visited Greece for over 30-years, since my heady days of working for a certain Mr. O. Of course it has changed, it had to – but it’s still a charming friendly country and most importantly reasonably priced.

We stayed in the fishing village of Kassiopi, a quaint little port surrounded by taverna’s, and thankfully not overrun, by dare I say it, tourists. That small villages like this have survived in Greece, so that we were able to enjoy the authentic Greek way of life, is the Greeks love of their cultural history. On a couple of boating trips we saw some gargantuan hotels- that one a Russian, that one a Polish, that one a German. Ugly in a word.

I don’t know if you’ve ever used airline app’s to check-in, they are so user friendly even a dinosaur like myself got the hang of it first time. Give it a try – you’ll be thanking me when next you travel. No more paper boarding cards, these go electronically into your phones wallet and are simply scanned as you proceed through the airport and onto your plane. You’ll no longer need to stare up a gigantic departure boards, your phone will ping and tell you what gate your flight departs from and when to board. They even send you your baggage tag numbers – which I thought was a bit over the top.

After my last couple of rumbles, I was planning on leaving British Airways well alone – but try as I might, a situation arouse that affected me personally. Which obviously I couldn’t resist telling you about. You’ll all know that BA decided last year that it would not accept unaccompanied minors, they were just too much of a hassle, no matter how much they charged us.

Fortunately our youngest is travel savvy and can manage on her own. Bookings are always made well in advance, to secure the flights we want and as importantly to hopefully score a good price.

We booked, we paid – then came the email. We’ve changed your connecting flights schedule so that it no longer connects to your flight to Nairobi. You will be required to travel to Heathrow the day before your planned flight to Nairobi.

OK, these things happen. Will you be sending a hotel voucher I dared to ask?

The passenger can check on arrival at Heathrow came the reply. Not very satisfactory you’ll agree. With no BA office in the country anymore, my travel agent, for I do have one, called their help desk, which is located in India.

‘No we can not offer the passenger hotel accommodation’ they said.

In the BA man’s opinion it was highly unlikely that the passenger would be offered hotel accommodation on arrival Heathrow as previously suggested. So I took to Facebook, BA’s got a complaints page would you believe – which turned out to be a bit of a mission, as you have to mine down to even lodge a complaint. Quick as a flash came a response no accommodation offered, full refund offered or arrive Heathrow the day before.

Some of you might remember the long used BA slogan ‘To Fly To Serve’ (left) which in my humble opinion is long past its sell-by date. Air travel, as you most probably all know and have experienced is not what it used to be. For a decent fare I’m prepared to put up with a lot – everything is now cut to the bare minimum to get to this point – I don’t like it for sure but accept it. I suppose I’m like all those other robotic travellers who turn up at airports the world over and go through the motions of getting to their destinations. As service is a no-cost item I’d really appreciate some of that included in the package – a smile or two might also go a long way.

Some airlines are better than others in their service offerings, best ask your travel agent – they know.

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