The Art of Self-Exploration by Tazim Elkington

Posted on November 2nd, 2017
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As we discuss exploration and its myriad faces in all and every aspect of life, discovering and learning are the direct outcomes of any new encounter we choose. Suffice to say that we have evolved to a place where the need/want and requirement to go within is now becoming a big part of our culture. What does it really mean to begin the journey inward to the self? It is an Art that begs demystifying as there are so many forms and methods that offer the possibility of self-exploration.

What is the necessity for doing this? Why is it no longer acceptable to exist on auto-pilot? The responses to these questions are simple; we cannot afford to live a mediocre, conditioned, imposed life anymore. As the world evolves at an exponential rate through technology, art, business, globalization and beyond; we must take responsibility of where we each operate from to accelerate the momentum and evolve consciously. These are not just words on a page and a woo-woo way of thinking. This is a reality that requires individual commitment towards the higher and collective good for humanity at its most primordial and advanced levels.

Each one of us is made from the same stuff and what differentiate us are the realities we create in our mind. These are translated through our five sensory perceptions added to the sixth most important sense – the mind. This beautiful place in our brain that is the storage converter of all our experiences and input endeavors to seek its own truth continuously. How incredible is it that we now understand that being conscious can boomerang and multiply the process?

As we seek a better understanding of the sixth and infinitely most important sense, the mind, we create a pathway down the road less traveled. Our five senses, as important as they are, unbridled can cause absolute distraction and in many cases destruction. They keep us engaged in everything outside of us. The needs to taste, smell, hear, see and touch are pleasure centers that keep us wanting more and more. There is rarely an ‘enough’ or a ‘stop’ sign as we perfect the external input that temporarily satisfy our beings. We ‘feed’ each of the senses with all that we possibly can to avoid disillusions and dissatisfaction internally.

Taking into account that the mind is the hardware, how and what do we feed our minds? Do we take stock of what it has been fed? An alternative perspective would be to consider the parallels of the mind with the digestive system. When we eat, there is the digestion process and the body takes what it needs for the various components for physical growth and wellbeing. Then it eliminates what it does not need.
With our minds we keep eating everything and how do we eliminate that which does not contribute to our personal growth and evolution?
The process of self-exploration is therefore not only a necessity but a dire need to create a ground of wellbeing within ourselves. There are various ways in which to begin the process. Questioning what you believe is a great space to start. Everything that we have ever experienced has emotions tied to each experience. We either want more of that which makes us happy so we keep trying to recreate those experiences and do our best to avoid the emotions that cause distress. Why is then that we have more of what we don’t want and less of what we want? It’s the emotional entanglement that keeps us suspicious and entrenched in our pasts and creates the war between what we want and what we don’t.

Meditation, a secular non-religious practice of going inwards in silence, creates the space for us to unwind and de-stress. This gives the mind the possibility to go within and start eliminating daily stresses as well as de-layering the cognitive way we operate. This is one of the key elements to creating a quiet and restful space in the mind. In the complexity of 14 hour days and instant 24/7 downloads as well as constant activity where do you find the space for the mind to be mindful?

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