The “Fish Fundi”! the tale of a travelling aquarium expert..

Posted on June 5th, 2012
Categories: News

A couple of weeks ago, we had to move out of our house, to a much smaller cottage, and top of our 7 year old’s packing list was his prize possession – an enormous 120 ltr fish tank.  As our departure date was getting closer so began my sleepless nights wondering which surface of the cottage would hold 120 ltrs of water!  As if my prayers were being answered, one sleepy morning, the pump seemed to give up the will to work.  Wracked with guilt, as was convinced it was all my own fault that the fish had suddenly been placed on death row, I turned to the advice of my multi skilled driver.

As luck would have it, one of his previous jobs was working for a pet shop! At the touch of a button he contacted his friend Eriq, who he claimed was a “fish fundi” (his words!) and would be here this afternoon to fix my pump.  This almost sounded too good to be true.. I got back into packing up the house and soon forgot the gasping fish.

Sure enough, that afternoon, Eriq turned up on his motorbike, with his first aid kit and fixed the pump in no time.  So grateful was I to not have to replace the tank with identical fish, that I found myself babbling with my new-found fish expert friend about the perils of finding a strong enough counter to hold 120 ltrs.  He had an answer to that too.. a few days before we moved, he came to the house with all his kit and resized the fish tank (glass cutter, silicon glue etc.).  In fact he improved it and added a little strip light safely away from the water, advising me to leave it to dry for 2 days before putting the fish back in. During all this process he had transferred the fish to another container, ensured they were being oxygenated and fed..

Eriq has a wealth of experience and tons of talent.  Some of his clients, who have great complex fish tanks use him for all sorts of tasks, like housing new fish bought from pet shops, for a few days to ensure they aren’t diseased and then transferring them into their own tanks – as this could be a dire risk to the already happy tank of existing fish.

If you need advice on your aquarium, whether it is set up, making the tank from scratch (so much cheaper and better looking than the ones from the shop), equipment or diseased fish then call Eriq.  In addition, Eriq can advise you on pond set up, filtration, pond life and more..  Here are Eriq’s top tips for having a fish tank. Good luck!

  • Set up your new aquarium away from direct sunlight to discourage algae growth
  • Aquarium filters are very critical when it comes to the well being of your fish
  • Change 25% of the water every two weeks, add water conditioner whenever you add water or new fish
  • DON’T add too many fish to a new aquarium at once because the filtration needs time to mature
  • DON’T overfeed your fish
  • DON’T tap on the glass
  • DON’T drain down an aquarium to clean it. Use gravel cleaner to change part of the water and clean gravel

Contact Eriq Mayaka on [email protected] or 0722 994731