The mighty Power Plate® comes to Kenya!

Posted on September 21st, 2011
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Power Plate® has finally arrived in Kenya! For those of you who haven’t heard about Power Plate®, I shall enlighten you.  As adverse as I am to the gym, I couldn’t resist investigating the offer of getting the equivalent of an hour’s work out in 25 minutes without breaking into too much of a sweat.  Not only did I envisage a cheat’s way out of exercise but I imagined the Power Plate machine would do all the work for me! “Marvellous” I said, and booked my session.  The studio was clean, modern and airy.  Plenty of towels, creams and even Evian face mist sprays.. just my kind of gym (more pampering than pain!).

In a nutshell, the vibrations produced by the Power Plate® machine stimulate the muscle-pump effect, causing an immediate increase in blood flow.The list of Power Plate ® benefits is incredibly long, just to name a few it increase muscle tone,  strength, and bone density,   reduce body fat and cellulite , improve  flexibility balance and coordination, etc….  A typical work out takes 25 to 30 minutes and the machine is operated by a personal trainer.  Necessary not only because the machine requires a MBA to work it, but the trainer provides a much needed boost of extra encouragement when you are counting down your last 10 seconds of a rather painful squat.   There are a huge variety of exercises that can be done on the Power Plate®, each with its own benefit , and lasts for 30 seconds for beginners; now this doesn’t sounds like a long time but when in a tummy crunch with your legs, tummy and head vibrating and shaking wildly it feels like forever!   The best part of the session was the last five minutes, where the enemy (The mighty Power Plate) becomes the friend and you receive the most amazing massage, assisted by the trainer.

All said, I thoroughly enjoyed the session and am longing to go back.  I definitely felt like I had had a good workout, every single tummy muscle ached and perhaps, psychologically, felt ever so slightly tighter.   The first session is free and is well worth trying.  If you want to take it up more regularly, you then have the choice of various membership & packages, starting price per session ranges from 600 ksh for the cheapest, 1, 500, 1,800 up to 2000 for the most expansive in the membership options, or a special unlimited weekly use at 2,000 Kshs.

Bear in mind that each session is almost like having a personal training session, your exercises are charted and you are supported by a trained professional throughout the session.   In addition, you can squeeze a session into your lunch hour at any one time there will only be a maximum of 3 other people in the gym at the same time, very private.

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