The Talisman Restaurant in Karen – new, improved & open for business!

Posted on April 23rd, 2013
Categories: News

523714_347175155333526_322351548_n    34992_532537480130625_806703335_n The newly renovated Talisman opened for business just before Easter. The bathrooms are beautiful, the gleaming kitchens a pride to any professional or aspiring Chef, and the atmosphere as lovely as ever!

The kitchens in particular have had a major overhaul and are of a world-class standard. Large, stainless steel countertops dominate the space with cookers, pastry counters and the rest interspersed with smiling staff in immaculate white chef’s hats.

579299_532880310096342_2006734807_n    886551_531705756880464_1804409375_o Award winning Chef Marcus and his able team prepare old Tali favourites along with exotic and tasty dishes ranging from Thai to sushi to the best that the French cuisine can offer. Marcus also has specials up his sleeve, these change weekly and could be Belgian mussels or wild duck ravioli with forest mushroom sauce. Never boring, always delicious! And as for the wine list… you’ll have to see it to believe it.

Please like their Facebook page “Talisman Restaurant”, and make sure you book a table by ringing 0705-999997.