There is a new (veterinary) Sheriff in town!

Posted on October 1st, 2013
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The team recently visited “Small Five Vet Clinic” on Magadi Road, on the outskirts of Ongata Rongai. Yes you heard correctly: Ongata Rongai. But don’t let this put you off. Just before Rongai there is a (HASHI) Petrol Station on the right, and next door is the delightful clinic of Dr. Gabriel Ouma, manned by himself, his Austrian partner Caroline Putz and his two staff – an intern and another vet.

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Doctor Ouma studied veterinary medicine at The University of Nairobi, worked with the KWS and the Colobus Conservation and later did his fellowship on small animals in Vienna, Austria.

The Small Five Vet Clinic is fully equipped for consultations as well as surgery. The consulting room is bright and airy with seats for pet owners to sit in while having a chat about their pet’s welfare. The operating room is spotless. The clinic also sells pet equipment, food and some medicinal products such as de-worming tablets.

If you don’t fancy driving over to the Clinic, the Small Five Vet team will happily do a house call. The clinic is also involved with educating the people of Ongata Rongai and its environs about proper pet care and respect for animals, and to this effect they undertake a fair bit of community work.

And as the name implies, we are not dealing just with domestic dogs and cats here – Doctor Ouma will look after your horses, cows, chickens or pigs… or even more exotic pets. He tells us two of his particular favourites are snakes & rats!

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Give the Small Five Vet Clinic with its passionate approach and extremely reasonable prices a try. Visit them at Riverside Business Complex, Magadi Road, or ring them on 0202 001 007 / 0734 771 346 / 0723 447 910.

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And finally, some pet language: