Tips on how to enjoy your cut flowers longer

Posted on October 6th, 2011
Categories: News

The Flower People provide export quality cut flowers for the local market and share some some tips to help our flowers last longer.

Before you put them into the vase

  • Keep cut flowers cool, until you can get them into water
  • Make sure the vase and cutting tools are clean
  • Make a fresh cut an inch or two up the stem and at an angle with a sharp knife|
  • Remove any leaves that will be below the water surface, they pollute the water and reduce the life of your flowers
  • Do not use metallic vases as these react detrimentally with fresh cut flowers
  • Place the stems in the water ensuring that the bottoms of all stems are adequately submerged

Keep your flowers blooming

  • Keep cut flowers out of direct sunlight and drafts
  • Place your flowers away from fruit and vegetables; the ethylene they give off will reduce the longevity of your flowers
  • Check the water level daily; some flowers are very thirsty, and if necessary, add more water
  • Change the water frequently (every two or three days)
  • Make a fresh cut each time you change the water
  • Periodically check the arrangement for wilted and faded flowers, and remove them promptly

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