To e-smoke or not to smoke.. that is the question!

Posted on February 25th, 2013
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eciggieWith smoking bans regularly being mooted here in Kenya, and restaurants creating smoking areas that are either miles away from the bar or outside in the cold, it strikes me that the time has come for a little more investigation into e-cigarettes!

As a smoker myself, a lot of research has gone into this piece! I did worry that bringing out the e-ciggy at a dinner party or restaurant might cause a rather large amount of piss-take! So I googled and came across all sorts of famous people using their e-ciggies in public places; some even look very cool.  Look at Leo DiCaprio: he can even smoke on his bike.. without risking a) a burn to the hands or dare I mention the hot tip of the ciggy dropping off onto the trousers (that really could cause an accident!) or b) loosing sight of the road through a haze of real ciggie smog.



Unfortunately, the damage has been done and smoking in a non smoking environment like a restaurant (certainly in Europe or the US) is strictly off limits, and I wonder whether even the “fake fag” would cause pursed tight lips from fellow diners, and mass hysteria from co-workers.  In reality, what you are using an inhaler that vaporizes a liquid solution into an aerosol mist, simulating the act of tobacco smoking!   If you are going to be brave enough to smoke in a restaurant, and alarm fellow diners and create a scene, perhaps you need to arm yourself with the legal rubric so that you can say, for example, ‘under section 16 of the bill’ – or whatever it is – ‘I’m completely legal’.”

Katherine Heigl was on the David Letterman show, smoking her electronic cigarette. She has recently reported that she needed to quit smoking, and she has made her conscious attempt to quit smoking, by using an e-cigarette. She has been seen using her electronic cigarette in public places like the park, and even on set of her next movie! She has reported since that she has completely quit smoking, and gives her thanks to her smokeless cigarette.

Is this a novelty or is the e-ciggy the way of the future?! It can only be good surely!

The benefits of risking social ridicule are no ash, tar and carbon monoxide running through your body; no more bad breath, smelly clothes or hair!

Green Smoke, one of the world’s leading e-cigarette companies, are now being sold in Kenya.  There are a huge amount of e-cigarette companies out there, so much so that I am wondering why I haven’t ever come across a friend using them!   Green Smoke’s e-ciggies are a 2 piece design, that require no cleaning, with an easy to change/replace cartridge (the bit that holds the nicotine) and are rechargeable via the mains, car or USB!

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To read more about Green Smoke, click here for their website