Tubeless Tyres .. why we should all be using them!

Posted on May 17th, 2012
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Before I joined Kingsway Tyres, now about 4 years back, I knew very little about what a tyre was made of, or its importance for the function of the car. All I knew is that a tyre is part of the car, and when my mechanic told me that it needed to be replaced, I would nod my head and oblige. After burning my fingers on the matters of tyres, I did some research and learnt a great deal about tyres thanks to my colleagues.

So let me first give you the basics on what a tyre is. It’s a “box filled with air”. Ok it may not be that simple, but the complications come in the making of this “box” with natural rubber and more than 200 other materials.

Without air, however, the tyre cannot function. It cannot carry the weight of the vehicle and it will not be able to accurately transmit the commands that we give it, absorb obstacles on the road and roll to create movement in the vehicle. See the reason why a tyre is so important? Not yet? How about if I tell you that a tyre – being the only contact between yourself and the road, determines your safety?

Now, if air is what makes the tyre function then it is important to know where that air is filled. A tyre can be tube-type, where it needs a rubber tube to contain the air that holds the tyre, or a tubeless tyre, where this tube is not necessary and the construction of the tyre is specifically designed and tapered to ensure air tightness between rim and tyre.

For many years, tube-type tyres have been susceptible to punctures and inconvenienced drivers and passengers alike. Take an instance when a nail or thorn is lodged into the tyre. A tube-type tyre will lose air and go flat very quickly. A tubeless tyre on the other hand loses air very slowly and does not cause an instantaneous puncture.

Tubeless tyres are also easier and quicker to mount on the rim thereby ensuring that less time is wasted maintaining the vehicle. Some tube-type tyres, especially for bigger vehicles, need extra fitment something called a flap (which is a piece of rubber placed between the rim and tube in some rim types). This increases the time taken for the tyre fitment. It also increases the hazard of dirt, grit and rust to build between them and the tyre. These problems are totally eliminated with tubeless tyres.

Precise centering of tubeless tyres reduces steering vibration thus increasing tyre life. Excessive heat is a major factor that wears your tyres quickly. Tubeless tyres, however run cooler because the heat build-up caused by friction in a tube-type fitment is non-existent. Cooler running gives increased mileage on your tyres and added safety.

As you have seen the tubeless tyre truly is remarkably better for your car, in terms of safety, cost and maintenance. Modern day technology has been created to work better for us and this is the evolution we seek. Should you have any further queries on this, do not hesitate to call us or visit the nearest Kingsway TYREXPERT Centre, countrywide.

By Reema Doshi for Kingsway Tyres Ltd
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