What happened to Shower Cap Man??? By Raila Jones

Posted on March 7th, 2011
Categories: News

Picture the morning, trying to get 3 kids up and to school on time. There is always one who won’t get out of bed, one who refuses breakfast, one who’s lost her homework. Then there’s the fighting over who sits in the front seat, and once in seats, arguments about: she touched me, no, she made a face at me, yes but, she whacked me with a teddy first. Etc. Then, one day my middle daughter noticed Mr. Shower Cap Man and our mornings got better. No time for quibbling about nonsense, as they were trying to out-do each other in spotting him first, guessing what colour shower cap he would wear on any given day, and where exactly we would see him.

Mr. Shower Cap Man never failed us. Every single morning, Monday to Friday, he would be walking along Bogani Road at 7.50 am. Sometimes alone, sometimes with one or two other people. Sometimes stopping for a chat by a gate post. In fact he was our watch. If we saw him half way down the road, we knew we were running late. If we saw him at the end of the road, we were right on time! A middle-aged Kenyan man with a round, jolly face, dressed normally except for the fact that he always wore a shower cap on his head. We spotted many colours over the year, but his favourites were pink and yellow. A large, thick plastic shower cap, not one of those flimsy hotel specials.

We had many theories about why he wore the shower cap, and once nearly stopped to ask him. But given that my eldest daughter’s theory was that he’s mad, we didn’t, just in case. He didn’t look mad though. Another theory was that he sells shower caps and is clever with his marketing. Another, that he simply wanted to get noticed. Which he did by us, big time!

Then one day, after Christmas this year, he wasn’t there. Immediately noticed by 3 little girls with their faces peeled to the window. Strange, but we didn’t give it too much thought. Perhaps tomorrow. But we’ve never seen him again. More theories about why, the most popular one being, he has found a proper job somewhere, doing guess what?! It is now March but we still haven’t forgotten about him and we still wonder. One of life’s small unsolved mysteries. We just  hope he is happy out there, whatever he is doing!