Why MEN should do Pilates as well! – By Your Trainer Karina

Posted on October 5th, 2017
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Why MEN should do Pilates as well!

What is it with men? Every time I talk to one about Pilates I get that funny smile, like I am not quite taken seriously….. and then the comment: “oh, that is that special training for women” or even better “for pregnant women”. Guys – Pilates is for men too!!! In fact, it was created by a man – Joseph Pilates!

Over the years quite a few men have found their way into my studio, either for mat classes or to work with me one on one on the Pilates machines, and were always very surprised at how hard it can be. Most of them left the studio drenched in sweat!

So what is Pilates? Pilates is a full body workout that focuses on the Core. (And to kill another myth while I am at it: your core-strength has nothing to do with the number of sit-ups you can do!) Every exercise is performed with a maximum of control, with focus on every muscle that is working and steady breathing. The wonderful thing about Pilates is that it can be taken from beginner’s level to a very advanced and challenging level. Some of the world`s best male Athletes have discovered the benefits of Pilates for their athletic performance. Here are some reasons that will hopefully get you started as well:

Core Strength

As you work through the movements or hold certain positions, a lot of control and stabilization is required which comes from your core. Hello Six-pack!

Discover new muscles

During a Pilates workout you`ll work a lot of the smaller muscles, which usually do not get a lot of attention during general workouts. The increased strength in those “under-used” muscles can reduce your risk of injuries. Furthermore, your posture will improve and your body will be more aligned.


Men are usually less flexible than women, but that does not mean that has to stay that way. “Strengthen and lengthen” – increase your range of motion which will make you more subtle, and not just for your exercise routines!

Body Consciousness

Pilates will bring a new awareness to your body which you will benefit from in your other workouts. Do not just focus on the amount of weight you can lift – in Pilates you will have to slow down to isolate specific muscle groups and feel the effect it has on them.

Stress Reduction

As I said before, Pilates asks you to slow down. Focus on your inhale and exhale – stay within your body and leave the stress of your everyday life outside. You will leave the studio feeling the workout and at the same time relaxed, centred and elongated.

Pilates is a workout you can always fit in, no matter how tired you are. It will make you stronger for your runs, get rid of your back pain or compliment some high impact sports. Give it a try. I look forward to seeing you at my studio.

Your Trainer Karina Hübsch