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Posted on January 8th, 2014
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wines on wheels



We are delighted to showcase a great new business set up by a very well established wine dealer, Nairobi Vintners (K) Ltd; a family owned and run company that has been at the forefront of the wine trade in Kenya since 1973.

They have some excellent new brands that are now appearing in most supermarkets like Leopards Leap, Fat Barrel and Shortwood.   Wines-on-Wheels will deliver door to door to the following areas: Lavington, Westlands, Lower Kabete Road, Lakeview, Hillview, Spring Valley, Kyuna, Kitisuru.

Minimum 6 bottle order.

Click here to go to the Wines-on-Wheels website.     [email protected]    Lower Kabete Road    020 2161628/29

What temperature should the wine be – top tips?

Usually, dry and white wine should be served at between 4-6c but sweet white wine can be served at 1-2c.

You will also hear many people say that red wine should be drunk at room temperature. That is quite correct but is based on a European room temperature of between 18-20c.

Here in Kenya the room temperature can often be a lot higher so if you feel your red wine is possibly a bit on the warm side, pop it in the fridge for 15-20 minutes just to take the edge off it and bring it down to around the 18c mark.

Younger red wines can even be drunk a bit colder – a glass of slightly chilled red wine can be a delight as you watch the sun go down at the coast!

The above is all meant as a general guide, and I hope it helps! What is most important is that you enjoy wine. All the wines we stock are young wines that are meant to be enjoyed in the next twelve months, not laid down to be drunk in five years time!

Obviously it goes without saying that alcohol and driving don’t go together, nor does operating machinery and that excessive alcohol intake can be dangerous to your health.

Neither do we sell to anyone under the age of eighteen.