Wonders of Clay Making for Children

Posted on August 28th, 2012
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The first thing that happens when a child squeezes a piece of clay is that the form of the clay changes, teaching children ‘cause and effect’. Every child needs experience to match their developmental levels, and learning that actions have consequences teaches them curiosity and investigation, in this way the brain develops along with the piece of clay. Neurons and synapses in the brain are constantly being produced due to the tactile feedback being received from the hands. Self-investigation is initiated constantly, and children will develop skills at their own intrinsic level, often with no adult motivation. 

The benefits of working with clay are:

  • Improving decision-making abilities and problem-solving skills,
  • Developing impulse control
  • Discovering and enhancing self-esteem
  • Developing and utilizing patience
  • Working with clay develops motor skills by improving hand-eye co-ordination, encouraging right-brain thinking, essential to later growth of both spheres.
  • Planning and decision-making, and cause and effect. Once the children understand the properties of the clay and how it can be manipulated, they start to think ahead to new projects and areas that they can apply their new found skills
  • Sequencing and patience! Although clay is a very immediate gratification medium, the whole process from formation, drying, glazing or painting, and firing, takes time and children learn to appreciate each stage of the process involved in each project.
  • Creativity!! The most important skill that is transferable to all other areas in life, both structured schoolwork as well as other art and craft activities.
  • Social skills. Children work in small groups and students are encouraged to share ideas and talk about the experience they are gaining.
  • Children with learning difficulties find working with clay hugely beneficial. Read more on this.
  • Lateral thinking and constructive criticism in a very positive and sensitive manner whereby the ‘work’ is viewed objectively by the teacher and only technical improvements are discussed to improve technique and understanding of the medium.
  • You will see increased ability, self confidence and self esteem.

(Based on research done by ‘Americans Arts Foundation’).

Click Nairobi Art Centre to read more about their excellent children and adult classes:  They are based on James Gichuru Road. Contact: 0727 415678

Clayability ! – Pottery for All.
Saturday from 10 to 12 (kids age 4yrs-12yrs). Or 1pm to 3pm

Have you ever wanted to have a go on a potter’s wheel or work with clay? Well now you can with Clayability.  Learn how to make objects, pots, cups, vases out of Nyeri clay with techniques such as coiling, pinching, slabbing & throwing on the wheel. Materials are included; clay & tools. Firing will be done by instructor Charles Owing’ in his kiln.
Level of the Course: All – Minimum age 10 years old. -4 classes ksh. 7,000            per class ksh. 2,000
Tutor: Charles Owino studied at PCEA Eastleigh community centre – certificate in pottery & ceramics – worked in YMCA save the children centre PARO Cultural Project, ISK Little Hearts Kindergarten, Light Academy & local craft exhibits.
Price:  4 classes Ksh 5,000       per class Ksh 1,500

Clay Sculpture Workshop –Adults/Teens

Mondays from 6:30 to 8:30pm
September( call for more details)

A simple piece of clay is possibly the most useful & intuitive art material known to man. Now it’s time to find your creative touch. Our workshop has been formed with the aim of providing a level of tuition in this medium which respects the fundamental skills of looking, seeing & making.  The courses at it’s roots, offers to improve skills which are traditional, & most are suitable for complete beginners. Come & learn Sculpturing in Clay  – sculpting  a head & shoulders from a life model with Gakunya Kaigwa. All materials are provided.
Level of the Course:  Anyone interested in gaining experience will enjoy this course.
: Kaigwa Gakunya – C see stone carving)
Price:   4 classes Ksh 12, 000