Word of Mouth Restaurant Review – New in Karen – Rudi’s Restaurant

Posted on November 7th, 2011
Categories: News

Rudi’s restaurant is nestled in the heart of Karen/Gata, just off Ndege Road, in a charming house surrounded by a pretty garden. The inside of the restaurant is beautifully decorated and has a cracking bar area, however the outside is very under utilized which is a shame, especially for a lunch time crowd.

Our initial impression on entering was not great as the outside area had not been cleaned from the night before. The tables, only three of them outside, were surrounded by cigarettes and ash which we had to ask to be cleared up.

The food, although reasonably priced, was good but not exceptional. The steaks and rosti (grated potato pancakes) were real highlights, delicious strong home-cooked flavours with Rudy’s Swiss flair!  Unfortunately the Zanzibar fish soup is not to be recommended, it was pretty tasteless and really thick. Rudi was a gracious host who visited our table and was very interested in hearing our opinions. There is a fairly extensive wine list with prices ranging from ksh 2,600 per bottle to ksh 8,500

“We feel this is much more of an evening restaurant and look forward to visiting again to sample some more of Rudi’s Swiss Food, and try new dishes”

Price per person was ksh 2,500 for main course and coffee.

To book: 0722 773579 or 020 2610902  Email: [email protected]